JC Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey Victims [Tuesday, 9/5]

Help Jersey City fundraise for victims of Hurricane Harvey this Tuesday, Sept. 5th from 7-10pm at Low Fidelity (Lo-Fi), Jersey City’s new bar in the Heights (328 Palisade Ave.)
JC Civic Beers is a group of Jersey City residents who meet up once a month to talk policy and advocacy work at the local, state, and federal levels over beers. They’ve partnered with Jersey City Ties, Not Lost JC, and, of course, Lo-Fi to host a night of concentrated giving to help relief efforts in Texas.
The suggested donation for attendance is $10 per person, and Lo-Fi will donate $1 for every drink purchased. Funds raised will be split between the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and Wings of Rescue, an animal rescue organization that is flying animals out of affected areas.
Let’s rally, Jersey City! We are a huge community that is in a powerful position to help. If you cannot attend but still want to donate as a resident of Jersey City, please donate on your own through these organizations or others — feel free to share in the comments section other outlets for Jersey City residents to aid relief.
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Jersey City Pride Festival 2017 [Saturday, August 26]


Jersey City’s Pride Festival is the only thing and everything you should do in Jersey City this Saturday, August 26th.

From 1-9pm, join in the festivities in the historic downtown area of Jersey City, right outside of the Grove St. PATH station. The Jersey City Pride Festival celebrates the diversity of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities and allies of Hudson County and the New York City metropolitan area. It is one of the largest festivals in Northern New Jersey. Last year, the official estimate of attendance at the festival was 9,000-10,000 people. This year, the festival’s 17th, will have an even bigger turnout.

This year’s Grand Marshal is Carmen Carrera, an international human rights advocate and a high-fashion transgender model. Carmen will also be receiving the Eileen “Beanie” Gaughan reward in recognition of her role as a community activist and educator. Read more about Carmen and her heroic work here.

Jersey City Pride reminds us of the importance of diversity in our community, and how we are becoming stronger by honoring our foundation in history as being accepting of all individuals and their contributions to society. There will be plenty of live entertainment in this celebration of love and support. More information here.


Be proud,

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Preparing Your Art Supplies For The Big Move

Photo via Pixabay

Jersey City is a town chalk-full of artists, but creative people need to (or have to) find new creative space sometimes, and unlike a typical move, you have lots of delicate utensils and work – work that cannot be replaced. Artist Extraordinaire and DIYer Aimee Lyons guest blogs for Jersey City Gal on the art of moving art.

Preparing Your Art Supplies For The Big Move

You’ve made the difficult decision to move your art supplies and artwork for the first time in years. You love your current studio, and you can’t imagine having to pack it up. Still, the time has come to start taking action. How are you going to prepare your supplies for the big move?

Follow these six steps on moving day to ensure your artwork and supplies stay safe until the time comes to unpack and set up your brand new studio.

1. Wrap your Work Properly

Unfortunately, artwork is among the top 10 items most commonly damaged during a move. It’s a good idea to make sure that you have everything wrapped up carefully. If you’ve ever sold pieces and shipped them to customers, you should have a good idea of how to go about doing this. Obviously, the packaging will be determined by the type of art and materials used to make it, but getting the right supplies is crucial to ensuring that there is no damage to your collection. The same goes for your actual art supplies.

2. Double Check Your Packages

Before the movers arrive on moving day, double check your packages to make sure each one is properly labeled and prepared for shipment. Inspect each package and ask yourself whether or not it would survive a trip down the stairs. If the answer is no, add necessary wrapping.

It might help to mark each fragile box with a sharpie, in addition to detailing what items are inside. Of course, simple supplies like pencils, crayons, pastels, and paint sets won’t need this kind of protection. But your kiln, sewing machine, and other heavy equipment will. The more details you can provide, the easier the process will be.

3. Develop Your Game Plan

 Make sure you have a game plan to make the moving process as simple and smooth as possible. Consider the location of your new studio (Is it upstairs, downstairs, or on the middle floor?) as well as access points for the movers. If you have large, fragile pieces of equipment, make sure you’ve scouted out an entrance both to the building and the studio itself that will allow movers to safely carry it through. If the building has a service elevator, verify that you’ll have access on moving day if needed.

You should also think about how items should be loaded into and out of the truck. Talk to the movers about how the heaviest items will be placed and secured, as well as the most fragile pieces. Take into consideration how far the new studio is and the quality of the streets you’ll be taking—if it will be a bumpy road, overcompensate with padding and protection! Seek the insight of your movers and come up with a plan that makes you feel confident your artwork and equipment will arrive safely. You might even want to write down your plan to easily reference throughout the process.

4. Instruct Your Movers

 Once the movers arrive, give any relevant special instructions about how your pieces and equipment should be moved. Note anything that can’t be tipped or may shift weight awkwardly when lifted. Be specific. Your movers are there to make sure your belongings stay safe, but they need your help when it comes to safely transporting equipment they might not be familiar with. As long as you provide as much information as possible, you won’t have anything to worry about.

 5. Oversee Everything

 Since you hired other people to do the heavy lifting, make sure you oversee the process. You’ll want to be readily available, in case the movers have any questions about your pieces. If you screened the company properly, the employees will genuinely care about your artwork and supplies. They won’t want to be responsible for damaging anything. If you aren’t available to answer a question, they may be forced to guess. You don’t want this to happen under any circumstances. The key to working with movers is clear, open communication on both ends.

 6. Monitor Environmental Changes

Both artwork and equipment can be harmed by changes in the environment. Make sure your art studio belongings stay at a moderate temperature. If the weather is slippery, consider postponing your move until the environment improves. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your precious collection of crafts, supplies, and art.

Moving your art studio can be scary and frustrating. Follow these six steps on moving day, and your artwork will be in safe hands.


For more on Aimee Lyons, visit Diydarlin.com

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Party With Purpose 5K

The annual Party With Purpose Hoboken 5K happens next Tuesday, July 11th!

Party With Purpose is a post-work race along the Hoboken waterfront followed by an after-party at Pier A with live music, food and drinks.

Join 1000+ runners and bring your children for the fun run! Details:

3:30pm: Kid’s Run

5:30pm: Check-In

6pm: Warm Up by Devotion Yoga

7pm: Race Start!

8pm: After Party

Register here by July 7th at 10pm with the promo code LASTCHANCE to save 10%. All proceeds go to local youth charities in Hoboken and Hudson County.


Run with purpose,

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Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th, Jersey City!

Freedom Fireworks are here tonight (though Liberty State Park has reopened after the government shutdown).

Enjoy and enjoy.

But most of all, remember that every day is Independence Day. Honor our founding fathers, those who have served the U.S.A. throughout history and those who strive for excellence in continuing to keep this the land of the free and the home of the brave. 


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