My Favorite Things: Summer 2019

Basking in Nature’s Glow

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Our air conditioning broke the first day of what would be the hottest 3 days of the year (topping at 104 degrees). The contraption, with no shortage of power supply, having been on at a non-aggressive chill temperature, just decided to not feed the room with any cool, while making all the “cool” sounds. My landlord was at the property that day but refused to even look at it, saying he’d send “the guy” the next day. How were we going to get through the night? I tried every DIY thing I could within reason. The AC guy didn’t show until the third day. Intense heat can do a number on you, make you hallucinate, make you feel light-headed and just completely ill. But it also forced me to be creative while sweating it out. When all was fixed and I came to, I understood how privileged we were with our central air, with our ability to simply adjust a switch to temperature control our entire indoor lives, with our ability to evade discomfort. And then I heard this podcast: “Turn Off Your AC and Acclimate Your Bloody Self” by Chris Reining (Read by Dan in Ep. 917).


Still on the K-train trend because once upon a time, my tried-and-true miracle BB cream was discontinued by its brand, to the point where I couldn’t even get it from Thailand, the country that retained the bulk of the discontinued product. It took me two years to finally again find something that could to conceal the craters and crevices in my face. Praise you, Radiant Beauty Balm by Joah Beauty.


Melatonin Spray

Long days of sunshine and fun are hard to wind down from…and then up is the sun again at 6am in my light-filled home. Since I refuse to deny natural morning sunlight with darkening curtains (they throw off the body’s innate rhythm), I’ve come to rely on sleep support from Melatonin in the form of spray. A few sprays and 15 minutes foray into a deep and dreamy rest, from which you arise at sunrise, feeling naturally refreshed.



Mama’s Bakery

I stopped in for a coffee and something sweet before a day of sunning at the Pier. Hudson County has many great bakeries, and sugar is always going to please, no matter its form. But hands down, I’m at a loss to say I’ve had a better cookie in my entire life than the salted chocolate chip cookie from here. Also, I’ve always been a fan of this bakery because it is super cute, the people are friendly, and there is a great family story in its foundation.


The Jersey Shore

Because, obvi. I’m a Jersey born-and-bred gal. This summer, besides Jeresy City’s shore-half, Asbury Park, and my childhood town’s Shore counterpart “Spring Lake,” I checked out the Victorian, charming town of Ocean Grove…between both. It’s a lovely little town, and a little quieter. Here is where you go to read your book on the beach, bike or walk on the boardwalk, admire the architecture, shop the boutiques, dine at the unique local spots and watch sunsets and sunrises from your porch or balcony.


Nordstrom Rack

As a child of Nordstrom, why have I never heard of this? While initially searching for a Mexican Thread/Baja Beach hoodie, I am also contemplating my fall wardrobe from the beach…and voila! Nordstrom in NYC is not yet open, and there isn’t one near my apt., but I can shop the Rack online, which is discounted and also ships for free. Yay.


Chilling by the Boats

Water never gets old for me. And with plenty of books to read (three book groups!) and my beloved magazines, I take mini moments of serenity sunning before work (also tan-maximizing). It is a conscious, daily effort to get your Vitamin D — and to maintain your sunkissed color.



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