My Favorite Things: Spring 2019

Simple Pleasures as we emerge out of Hibernation Season

Blooms of The Trifecta: Booream, Reservoir & Prospect

The cherry blossoms in Jersey City have been quick to come and go these past few Springs. So sad – Catch them if you can! Blooms are otherwise beginning to bust out all over. I especially appreciate these three blocks in the Heights, and all residents who choose to plant – thank you.


Milk Sugar Love



When I saw the sign for Milk, Sugar Love on Palisade in the dead of winter, I was confused. Did they need a brick-and-mortar up in the Heights? But I’m soooo here for it. Organic, homemade ice cream accessible to me in flip-flops at 8:50 on a weeknight? Yes, please. {The ice cream truck is great, but I never get downstairs fast enough. Plus, generic.} Now, the real deal is just a short walk away. Creative flavors and toppings = endless options.




If the memo was not received, or was dejected or dismissed by the greater population, Pantone does not care. Because they dictate the colors of the season and those will still prevail with fabric-makers and therefore the markets where designers purchase for their collections. You’ve probably subconsciously noticed Marigold on the streets this Spring, as it invades clothing racks. And also, the flowers happen to have an endless life, so they’re even on-trend in the gardening cirque right now. Actually, most every bloom is available in this hue right now. Pantone is a power force, whether consumers consciously recognize it or not.


The Water

It’s easy. It sounds good. Love all access points on both sides of the Hudson River for various reasons: people watching, boat watching (including massive cruise ships that change your perspective of the land), running, walking quiet, social, building views and both of our ever-changing skylines.


The Lavendaire Lifestyle

I listen to way too many podcasts, but feel this one is fitting for the themes in this post. The Lavendaire Lifestyle is light listening because of Aileen’s positive, musical voice, but touches on deeper issues of carving out your career when you’re a creative, thirty-something millennial – many of whom, fun aside, still use the word “like” multiple times per sentence. (Do I do this, too? <cringing>). Find an episode that speaks to you to put a spring in your step as you Spring clean your life and make room for the new. Whether your craft, your career, your relationships, or your home – whatever you want to improve – someone has done it before. And these are firsthand stories of people who figured out and created their dream lives using what they had. Every path is different. Enjoy!


Froth on Franklin

I’m at Froth on Franklin at least twice a week for a caffeine fix. Not only is the shop close to home, but I love their coffee in every form I’ve had it. The beans, the machine, the baristas – whatever the magic, everything tastes top-quality. And the ambiance is lovely – lots of natural light, plenty of places to sit, cool decor, your local business cards and magazines to browse through. It’s cozy and peaceful with a usual mix of solo workers, small business meet-ups and your neighbors.


Funky Vegetables/ Farmer’s Market

The Jersey City Farmer’s Market(s) will all finally open this week for the season (most last through the holiday season). After a long 5 months of lackluster produce, promise popped up on the grocery shelves in the form of multicolored heirloom tomatoes and Hawaiian “aloha” peppers. Refreshing! And sparks the question — what vegetables will we find ourselves experimenting with this year? What will be the Kohlrabi of 2019?

Spring forward,

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  1. Mili Rose
    July 10, 2019 at 7:54 am (5 years ago)

    I love spring very much too. It`s a really inspiring time when you want discover something new and bright. Especially,blooming. Fragrant flowers either give the unforgettable feeling of delight. Thanks for photos and impressions.

    Mili Rose, Jersey City, NJ


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