My Favorite Things: Fall 2019

Jersey City Art & Studio Tour

One of Jersey City’s most anticipated annual events –  JCAST – is in its 29th year (which means the 2020/30th extravaganza is already in the making.) The Jersey City Art & Studio Tour features nearly 1000 artists in locations throughout the city during the first weekend of October.

This year, the opening gala will be hosted in the newly-developed Shore House, part of the luxury waterfront condominium community Park and Shore (2 Shore Lane) in Newport, on Friday, October 3rd.

It is high time you to meet your local artists, get to know your neighbors in other neighborhoods and mix-mingle with your government officials — that is, if you even have time for conversation when attempting to immerse yourself in the entirety of the vast array of work spread throughout the city in just three short days.

Here are some of my past memories from JCAST weekend.


Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream


Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Night Cream

A big thank you to Kaleigh for being a non-paid spokesperson for this product. I may not have heard of it if you didn’t highly recommend it to all the gals at Brad’s bday party. I love it. My salty, aggressive skin loves it more. Day or night. Ohm.



86 degrees on a Sunday on the first day of Fall

Because I wanted the river walk, the pier, one of the rooftops and frosé on my day off. Who couldn’t love this? Call me tacky with the frosé (So five years ago, I know) but the only day I craved an adult slushie in actual summer, I arrived at the table to see a round of frozen aperol spritzes had been ordered for our party instead (Frozen…really, silent gasp, Le sigh.) So it was pure luck that after the perfect “it’s still summer but it’s fall” day, a rooftop bar was serving frosé on the adult holiday of the week. #SUNday


A Gentleman in Moscow

The most magical, well-written and downright refreshing book I’ve read in recent years. Written by Amor Towles. ‘Nuff said.

Vitamin D3

As (dare I utter the words?) daylight savings takes over our sector of the Earth, we need our Vitamin D more than ever. In every form. But D3 is oh-so-ahmazing when sunlight is lacking and helps you reap the maximum benefits of the sun when you only have it for minimal amounts of time



Restoring Thyroid Health with Izabella Wentz

This episode of the The Broken Brain podcast by Mark Hyman discusses the thyroid and Hashimoto’s. If you suspect you have any auto-immune disease, there is some useful information here about how to heal from within.



Cocoa Bakery

Cocoa Bakery has finally opened in the Heights (filling the spot of my favorite bakery since I moved to Jersey City, the long-standing Goehrig’s). It’s second Jersey City location (the original is on Grand St. downtown) is very clean lines and minimalist, which showcases the decadent treats. Cookies, cupcakes, cake balls, brownies… the list goes on. The coffee bevvies are also nice – just expect to wait a few minutes as they are individually crafted with care.


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