Park Fest 2017 [Saturday, June 10]

Hamilton Park hosts Park Fest this Saturday, June 10 from 12-7pm, a seasonal celebration with something for everyone.

There will be three bands, a DJ, food trucks, adult bevvies, a flea market, tennis and kickboxing instruction, a magician, and even a petting zoo. Admission is free.

Bring your friends & family for the fun and meet new people in your neighborhood.


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Art Opening 9/11 Jersey City

"Landed." Candy Le Sueur, 2013, oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in.
“Landed.” Candy Le Sueur, 2013, oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in.

Art Exhibition “Candy Le Sueur: Where Dreams Land,” opens at Hamilton Square condominiums (232 Pavonia Ave.) in Jersey City on Friday, September 11 at 7pm. 

The show features nine large abstract landscape paintings that were created between 2012 and 2015. Each painting is oil on canvas. The exhibition also includes a series of small-scale prints and encaustics.
Dream on,
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Jersey Girls Food Tours


The Jersey City culinary food scene is off the charts, and what better way to experience it than to enjoy a variety of cuisines from different venues—all at one reasonable price, and all in one day or one night?

Jersey Girls Food Tours (JGFT) showcase the gastronomic scene in Jersey City, perfect for locals and non-locals alike. Guests can enjoy YUMzzz from the best eateries in town and get a dose of JC history while walking from spot to spot.

My gals Janis Borroto and Alessia Aron (pictured from left to right, above) of JGFT invited me on a test run of one of their new Jersey City tours, titled “Best of Downtown.”

Click below to read about our day and find out more about the different tours…

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Free Workout this Saturday 5/3/14 Jersey City!


JCF is hosting a free workout this Saturday, May 3rd at 10am at Hamilton Park.

Get a workout and a glimpse of the boot camp program they’re offering this season. All are welcome!



Sweat it out,

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GP’s Restaurant


During one of the very bad snowstorms this winter, I had the privilege of having brunch at GP’s (11 am-3pm on Sundays) with some fabulous local bloggers. A day with the Jersey City Ladies Who Blog…

While GP’s offers brunch cocktails for $7,  we were lucky to be privy to a day that the Bitter Bitches —a sexy duo of fantastic mixologists from Brooklyn who know how to make some serious drinks—were behind the bar. Their cocktail menu of the day featured cinnamon, maple, and pomegranate infusions.

The girls and I went all out with our order, hoping our hunger would allow us to try as much of the menu as possible.

GP’s BLT Panino (pancetta, arugula, tomato, lemon-garlic aioli) was the first thing I tried and it was beyond. All of the elements worked well together, and the flavor combination was a welcome surprise for all of the taste-buds at the table. The sophisticated twist on the classic was clean and not overly food-snobbish.

The Wild Boar Hash & Eggs, Toast was a special and a knockout that should totally become part of the regular menu. I can’t even describe it except to say that it was briny and melted in my mouth meaty goodness. I always take the worst photos! Believe me, there is some hash under those eggs. Here is @dontsithome’s photo of the day for the visual effect.


The Cinnamon Brioche French Toast was adored by my dining companions who are foodies, so while I wasn’t in a “sweet mood,” I can say with confidence that this is a winning dish.


We also ordered the meatballs from the dinner menu. I’m very critical of meatballs, always preferring my own, but I really enjoyed these.


The ambiance of GP’s is intimate, and the natural lighting as well as the incandescent make it feel as welcoming as it is.

I’ll always remember my day of cozy comfort foods and laughs—a true winter Sunday Funday. And I can’t help but love a place with my initials as its name.

I’ve already decided that my next (and warm-weather) meal at GP’s will be the Tuscan kale, endive, apples, gorgonzola, pears, and cranberry salad (champagne vinaigrette!) followed by scallops or zuppa di clams. Yum.

To my (real) initials,

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