My Favorite Things: Fall 2020

Creating Space

Jersey City Reservoir #3

Well known by Heights residents, Reservoir #3 is a reprieve from urban life off of Pershing Field Park. The park has re-opened its gates for limited hours on Saturdays and Sundays. While kayaking is not available yet, catch-release fishing is, and let’s be real: In these times when you are stuck in your city, the Reservoir makes you feel like you’ve driven miles away. Nature really does heal.


Fall Farm Fun at Alstede Farms

Jersey City farmers’ markets regular Alstede Farms hosts apple picking and other fall events at its physical location, located in Chester Township, NJ. Pick-your-own apples and other seasonal produce, figure your way through the massive corn maze, visit with the animals, get your fill at the cider mill or ice cream shop, and shop the store. For fun with your adult friends, Alstede offers a Harvest Moon wine tasting by Tomasello winery every Thur-Sat in October. Reserve your spot here.




InVOGUE: The 1990s

This was a fantastic fashion era. My magazine addiction was illustrated on my prep school walls. If you love fashion or simply love Tom Ford, Episode 6: Tom Ford’s Gucci is worth your listen.



Cleaning Hacks from @amoroscleaning 

Vanessa, a.k.a. @amoroscleaning has some of the best cleaning hacks ever. She shares her professional tips of real-life situations she encounters daily at her clients’ houses via instagram (with their permission, of course). The types of grit and grime – many of which I’ve not had to deal with living alone but may need in the future – are very useful, especially in times of living and working and entering another winter at home. Keeping a clean home has never been more important for your health (and for me, peace of mind.) And, hello, Dep – you miracle! in de-greasing antique glass bowls I had on display on a very high shelf.


Top Golf

Top Golf is my favorite find this fall pandemic season. It is fun, social and active. And you feel in the company of others hearing their comraderie, even though each group in contained in their own “bay” (Or “bae” I renamed our singla gal groups pod).” Props to Top Golf for being strict with their protocol and practices. Because not having been there pre-Covid-19, and now in the Fall of this pandemic, never have I ever seen so many people trying to get into one place. There wasn’t a crowd to stand in, more like a lot of people waiting in parked cars. You wait in a socially distanced line outside with strict enforcers of the distance and only one person in your quarantine pod group can talk to the doorperson to either check-in or put your name on the wait list. If you don’t reserve in advance, you will be given a wait time of 1-3 hours, during which you need to find another activity in the Edison area. (We found a cute walking trail; there are several trails via AllTrails.)


The Little Library

At every park in Jersey City, there is a Little Library, which is a cute little hutch filled with books for the taking. You can donate your beloved, read books when you no longer need them as well. I probably donated 20 books at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. I purchased a lot of books during the pandemic that I leant to family and friends, and when one of my book groups ended and the other chose a book I had already read, I was at a loss for what to read next.  So I checked out the Little Library this fall. All of my books were gone—which is a great thing—and it was filled to the max with titles for all ages spanning all genres. And looks must cuter than in this sad photo from 3 years ago. So I know that people are utilizing this book share program. There were even two different people who walked up in the two minutes I was looking at the titles on a quiet weekday — staying safely and politely away, of course. Super popular community commodity during the pandemic.



Just get with it. It’s Fall. A lot of the fall flavors are good for your immune system. So cinnamon it up, tumeric it up. Add some nutmeg and whatever. Sprinkle spice in your tea and coffee and incorporate it into your baking and cooking. It’s going to be a loooong winter still-at-home. Comfort yourself with a little spice.



Jersey City Arts & Studio Tour

The annual tour will be slightly different this year. Walk-Bye and the Jersey City Parks Coalition are hosting an outdoor art installation as part of the 30th annual Jersey City Arts and Studio Tour from Thurs 10/1 to Sun 10/4. Nature Walk and OcTREEber schedule:

Saturday 10/3 12:00 – 2:00: “Poetry at the Gazebo: A Walk-Bye Event” – A spoken poetry event for ages 10 to 15 in Hamilton Park
Saturday 10/3 6:30 – 9:00: “Projection at the Park: A Walk-Bye Event” – Video Art Projection at Lincoln Park
Sunday 10/4 2:00 – 4:00: “Poetry at the Gazebo for Adults” – Spoken poetry at Canco Park
Sunday 10/4 5:45 – 7:15: “Stroll-Bye Concert” – Trio W plays music at Hamilton Park

Stefania Panepinto of Panepinto Galleries partnered with Canopy by Hilton to showcase the work of talented local artists. Their #JCAST Virtual Tour hosted by Mr. NYC Subway takes place virtually on Oct 4, 2020 at 2:50pm. Free registration here. It is also on view for the season at 159 Morgan St.


Netflix’s Get Organized with The Home Edit

How can you not love this Netflix show if you’re like me? Organizing and keeping a neat home is a huge part of my life, especially now that we’re in quarantine. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit conquer clutter and create clean spaces. No task is too big or small; on one episode they were detangling necklaces. Also, loved the NPH episode of his and DH’s children’s playroom because American Girl dolls! I still use Samantha’s trunk to store my stationary. And the duo’s strategy for what toys to get rid of and what to swap out? These ladies are smart.


Weekend Escapes

Fall foliage is peaking in all areas of upstate New York and New England. Get out of your confining house and neighborhood and go for a drive up North just to view the beauty. Make a weekend out of it and stay at a Bed & Breakfast.

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