My Favorite Things: Spring 2021

As we begin to emerge…

As we begin to emerge from our homes and become more socially engaged, what to do? Spring is the perfect time to discover new places in Jersey City and beyond. Here are some of my favorite things.

14th Street Garden Center

This plant mecca has a nice selection of greenery and color life. I’ve always wanted to visit 14th Street Garden Center but just never got around to it. Until now. It is very much what it seems when you drive by it in that cluster intersection that surrounds the Holland Tunnel. The indoor/outdoor nursery is open year-round.

Catlow Movers

Moving is a heavy load of work. Especially even after, despite your best efforts and months of cleaning things out/donating/trying to be minimalist-ish, you still find that you have a lot of things after 9 1/2 years in one apartment. Undrilling (curtain rods, hooks, mirrors, shelves and other hanging things—my walls seemed bare but clearly were not) and packaging antiques—glass and furniture—were perhaps the most time-consuming. Thank you to local residents who recommended Catlow Movers via social media. The crew was exactly on time, friendly and seamlessly (carefully) completed the job in an hour and a half.

Weekly Running Meetups

photo: @jackrabbithoboken

So winter was all about walking, but now that one of my friends convinced me to join a running group, and then another friend followed suit, we are all over the trend. There are several running clubs in Jersey City and Hoboken that meet on weeknights after work and are commitment, cost and pressure-free. The groups go from 5-8K distances and you can drop off the group whenever you want. There are also walking clubs, biking clubs, hiking clubs with the same loose rules. Find your group on insta, neighbors, meetup, fb, or any other social/local app or Jersey City’s local athletic stores.

Trash treasures

A lot of people move in the Spring, and there is no better time to find a bevy of unique or useful items on the sidewalk. I’m never really paying attention but my walking companions always seem to spot cool art or furniture. I vow to start being more present and mindful of curbs on Sunday nights. One friend saw something (not even set out yet but in the trash area) while we were power walking and just grabbed it and handed it to me and said, “This is cute, do you think you could use it in your new place?” I could! It is a serving tray perfectly cute for my outdoor entertaining this summer. I had some sandpaper and stain handy to give it a little brush up. I promise an article soon about this topic — really, your neighbors and friends and family have everything you need — and you can create a really unique and authentic home if you look and choose intentionally.

Riverview-Fisk Park reopening

The park with panoramic views of the New York City skyline had a revamp pre- and during the pandemic and has finally re-opened with an updated fountain, splash park, repaved walkways and newly-planted trees. The farmers market opens May 2, and fingers crossed some live music events return this summer and fall.



Here we bloom,


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