My Favorite Things: Winter 2021

Another season, another reason…

Another season, another reason… for mentioning my favorite things, especially now that we are in the colder, darker, indoor months and still dealing with the pandemic. #hibernationseason x^2

Ice-Skating in Jersey City

Jersey City has always had a passel of options for ice-skating. Brookfield, Bryant, and Rockefeller are a stone’s throw across the river; the Ice House, the Ice Vault, Cutting Edge, Secaucus Ice Skating Rink, American Dream’s rink, and frozen lakes reside deeper in the suburbs of the state of New Jersey. Most of us traipse and glide across the ice of NYC and NJ, and then PA, CT, VT, all season. But this winter, it’s safer and easier to stay hyper-local. Ergo, I suggest a visit to Charlie Heger Rink. There will still be lines (you can’t reserve), but the prices can’t be beat.


Getting an Art Fix

In January, what a lack of color, of vibrance, of livelihood in the urban Northeast, and even more so this year. Usually I’m in Florida every 4-5 weeks in the winter checking out galleries. The other months, I am on the art scene in NYC and JC. And since I had to limit my Southern trips this year and have not had to go into the city for much, I discovered the Novado Gallery (110 Morgan St.), one of the only galleries in Jersey City open in the darkest month of winter. Thyra Moore’s “Escape” and Robert Lach’s “So Far” filled my barren soul on the coldest day of December. I was talking to the owner Anne the entire time being the only visitor, not realizing she was the owner (she’s so humble!), and she showed me some of her work yet to be finished that is phenomenal already. Stay tuned on this spot.


Hair Oil

Specifically, Mahabhringaraj oil. If you’ve experienced hair loss from Covid itself or just the stress Covid has caused you, you may want to try using a few drops of this Ayurvedic oil per week. My hairdresser at A-1 Salon said she, her family, friends and daughter swear by it. And she said just use a little — the bottle should last you a full year. The oil was originally used specifically for those with alopecia, but it seems to be beneficial for other types of hair loss issues/ concerns as well. I’ll give you the update in a few months 🙂


Hot Chocolate

Staying inside and working from home rather than commuting this winter makes every day feel like a snow day, which in turn makes me crave hot chocolate — am I the only one who has upped their intake this season? While I usually make mine at home (melted chocolate and milk, maybe a dash of cinnamon), I was curious about presumably more indulgent, locally-made versions. I have a list of local hot chocolate spots and will be adding my reviews as I personally sip my way through every locally-made hot chocolate until it’s too hot to have a hot beverage. Check the list; add your recommendations in the comments section.



The Henna Artist

The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi was one of my favorite reads of 2020, and I think of it often during this cold season because when the main character is building her dream house, one of the features she implements is heated floors. Also, I learned something valuable for my struggle with Reynaud’s, and that is the use of neem oil.



Long Walks

While I’ve always liked exploring on foot, I have a new appreciation for walking this winter. It began with a friend wanting to go for a walk one day, which now has developed into a full-blown, regular occurrence. (Habit?!) Winter is a particularly painful season for me and my extremities. But there is nothing like a good friend to hold you accountable and force you outside in these climes. Oh the times we’ve had! Discovering new places of wonderment and beauty, huffing and puffing up hills…often, we walk more than 7 miles without even realizing it because we’re so busy talking. So much better than a phone call. If you have time after work/your break/ on the weekend to get outside, find a walking buddy (or one for every day of the week, as my friend does!) in 2021.




If you didn’t binge-watch season 1 of  Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix original Bridgerton over holiday break, you are in for a delightful treat. That is, if you’re into lots of eye candy (from the actors to the sets to the costumes), royal scandal, and sexual tension. And don’t get too disappointed by the ending; the second season is confirmed and focuses on the hot eldest brother Colin Bridgerton.


Planning a Vacation

It was a usual thing around this time of year in years past. With the hope of things getting better/travel being safe, I hear that many of us are planning our summer, late fall, or 2022 trips…Love looking forward to something!


The sun is coming…


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