A Jersey City Film

twentymillionpeopleTwenty Million People is a contemporary take on the romantic comedy, and was shot primarily in Jersey City by filmmaker Michael Ferrell, a Grove St. area resident.

In the 90’s indie hit Swingers, we pondered how many days we were supposed to wait before we call. In Twenty Million People it’s how many minutes should we wait before we text back, because you don’t want it to seem like you were just standing here with the phone in your hand. And oh yeah, “everything you text has to have an exclamation point or it sounds sarcastic.”

The main characters travel from the “6th Borough” of Jersey City all the way to Brooklyn in the name of love, giving us a glimpse of what a modern-day romance is like in a city full of so many people. The film took home Best Feature awards at Maryland International Film Festival and Cape Fear Independent Film Festival along with other awards at VisionFest in New York City, Garden State Film Festival in New Jersey, and Williamsburg Independent Film Festival in Brooklyn. It’s available for purchase on amazon, google play and iTunes.

View the trailer here.

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