Newport 10K


Sign up now to run the Newport 10K along the Jersey City Waterfront on Saturday, May 2nd. Start time is 8:30am at Newport Town Square. It costs $36 at this time and $40 the day of the race. Prize money is $15,000 total.

Post-race festivities will begin at Newport Town Square at 10:00 a.m., featuring music, refreshments and prize drawings.

If you’re not up for a 10K, please cheer on the racers. The event raises money for  the Jersey City Medical Center, the area’s newest regional referral teaching hospital, providing the highest level of care for women and infants, and trauma and heart patients.

Sign up here.

Bring your spirit!

Help Seniors in Jersey City!

first-aid-boxWant to help local homebound seniors prepare for emergencies? RSVP is the Nation’s largest volunteer network for people ages 55+, and is coming to Jersey City on Wednesday, April 22nd from 10am-1pm.

United Way of Hudson County, and the Secaucus Senior Center are joining forces to make 200 disaster kits for local homebound seniors in case of emergencies. Volunteers are needed at the Secaucus Senior Center to assist with registration, unpack supplies, and put the disaster kits together.

Individuals choose where to serve, how much time to give, and whether they will share skills they already have or develop new ones.   Volunteer activities include helping seniors get access to the healthcare they need, visiting homebound adults, providing critical disaster preparedness and response, providing nonprofit clerical support, and working in local soup kitchens and food pantries. The Disaster Kit Volunteer Service Day is just one example of the important work RSVP volunteers do every day.

To get started: Visit United Hudson and call Alexandra Nagy (201) 526-9706 or email her at


It’s hip to help!



New Jersey map

For whatever reason, I am super into maps. I like to know where things are in relation to each other, and I like discovering places in every area I find myself in.

Now there is a really cool new map that shows hotel and transit options for travelers who want to stay in NJ and commute into NYC. Spring and summer travel is starting up−it’s time to start vacation planning.

Check it out! NJ TRAVEL MAP


Con Vivo Kids Show! 3/29/15

Con Vivo is hosting a special event just for kids!

Enjoy family-friendly music, interactive performances, and learning designed for young audiences on Sunday, March 29 at 3pm at The Barrow Mansion (83 Wayne St.)

Children will have the opportunity to build their own instruments out of tubes, balloons, and tape and join in the concert’s grand finale. All materials are provided. And after the concert the children can bring their creations home!

I Heart Music & I Love You, Jersey City!

Save this weekend at RoP!

10806391_3120754181316_6395978286697373357_n (1)RoP, or Republic of Pigtails is the go-to for high-end, affordable hair pieces and accessories. (I’m sporting my fascinator on the left in this photo).

In celebration of their 3-year birthday (and we know how much of a milestone that is for small businesses), they are celebrating with a special 30% off offer.

Go to RoP’s site and type in “BIRTHDAY15″ for the discount code at checkout.



Stay in Style,

A Fun Way To Support Local Businesses

smallOne of my friends loves to buy things she thinks are interesting at various markets or shops with no one in mind, but so that she can gift them to someone one day… when the right person matches the right gift. She feels no buyer’s remorse guilt—and, she also can choose something at the last minute for a houseawarming or dinner party that’s always cool and unique.

I was thinking about this a few months ago when I stopped by JC Made and saw this amazing shirt in the window that I was gifted the week before (and coincidentally, as I wasn’t planning on stopping there, almost wore it that very day), and yet again when I dropped by Pig & Pepper on my way home, because I interviewed the owner for the Jersey City Independent and wanted to explore their inventory.

Even though I couldn’t afford to shop at the time, I love the store and bought an inexpensive gift and card for a friend…any good friend. I’m going to wait until there’s an occasion…her birthday or job promotion or whatever (my gift is a girly gift), however, it is unique, she will not be able to find it anywhere else, and for those reasons it will be uniquely perfect.

How many times have you showed up at a friend’s house with a bottle of wine or a dessert or a trinket you picked up last-minute? And how unoriginal does that feel? No judgment. It’s happens to the best of us.

Ladies and gents, here is where you have your anytime shopping excuse. And here is when you SHOP LOCAL, in Jersey City, or course. We have hundreds of quite fantabulous local businesses with unique finds and even if the item references JC doesn’t mean you can’t buy it for someone who lives elsewhere. Our city is the best, spread the love, and represent us and or stores with a token that they will never forget because it’s from where you’re from…they will never forget you.

But I digress. The authenticity does not have to say anything about JC, but you, as a citizen here, do. You will do no wrong buying locally because everyone wins. The shops profit, you don’t have to feel guilty for spending money on things that are cool but that you may not normally buy, and your friends will think you’re the most rad, cutting-edge person, ever.

Ironically, while you can’t get the perfect thing for a person all of the time, when you have an aresenal, you realize you have the perfect thing. (Or you see the perfect thing but it’s not the right time…no occasion, but you buy and save it for the future.)


Shop local,

The Ainsworth opens in Hoboken!

Ainsworth_HobokenI usually leave Hoboken to the many people who operate Hoboken Girl and the various other blogs that report on the mile square, as I am a one-woman operation covering a much larger and diverse city.

But I am happy to do a favor for friends of Jersey City. Restauranteurs and former stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Manzo’d with Children, Albie and Chris Manzo shut their doors of Little Town restaurant in Hoboken in January, and have revamped the entire space to open The Ainsworth, along with Michael Sinensky [Little Town, Hudson Terrace, Sidebar, Village Pourhouse] and the Paige Hospitality Group on 310 Sinatra Drive.

Those of you who frequent New York City have surely been to the Chelsea or Gramercy locations for brunch, an afternoon sports game or a late night. Hoboken is a a perfect fit for The Ainsworth prides itself on being a one-stop shop for brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails and sports viewing. 

The Hoboken concept, which opened in March, is an outpost of upscale steak, burger and sports gastropub, The Ainsworth. “We are thrilled to partner with Paige Hospitality Group and bring one of the best and most established upscale steak, burger, and sports gastropub brands in the country to the waterfront space in Hoboken,” says Albie Manzo. “We look forward to announcing the next evolution of the Little Town brand in a vibrant and exciting part of town,” Chris adds.

Let’s check it out!

Pizza Masters (Renato’s)

renatos pizza masters

I order from Renato’s Pizza Masters in the Heights about every other week. I eat dinner around 10pm (or later), and this place delivers late and quickly.

The funny thing is, I’ve only had pizza here three times. It’s perfectly delicious, don’t get me wrong, but my obsession lies with the fresh calamari salad. I’m apprehensive about buying seafood around here, but PM must get their squid from a great vendor, because this salad always was, and continues to be, magnificent.calamari

This past winter I started ordering soup from there, which is addictive. Pasta faglioli is my fave, but escarole and navy beans a close second.

When you want a really comforting treat-myself meal, get the chicken boscaiola, with portobello mushrooms, prosciutto, shallots, brandy, garlic, and a touch of cream.

I also jones the spicy waffle friesall of the time.

pizza masters waffle fries

What not to get: I’ve ordered zuppida clams. The broth is spot-on, but they always send mussels, which makes me sad. If you like mussels, OK. The caesar salad is over dressed which wilts the lettuce—or the lettuce is wilted anyway, I can’t tell.

All the parm sandwiches are standard, as are the mozzarella sticks, garlic knots, garlic bread with cheese and cold antipasto salad.

Anthony “Rich” De Marchi who currently heads the business alongside his sons Mark and Lorenzo, says the success of the restaurant can be summed up in three words “Quality, Service, and Price. In that order. If you don’t have the quality, you have nothing,” explained Rich. “We started in 1959 so we must be doing something right.”

The thing that many people don’t know about Renato’s, if they’re just walking down Central Avenue, is that it’s not just a pizza joint, which is what it looks like from the street and when you walk in. They have a separate entrance on Cambridge Ave. (with a parking lot) that houses a dimly-lit, fancier back room with a full bar and restaurant service. Totally different feel.PM1

But best of all, over the years Renato’s Restaurant has sponsored numerous little league teams, donated to Jersey City causes, gotten involved with local church functions (i.e. St. Joseph’s, St. Anne’s, and St. Nicholas) and organizations like The Dante Alighieri Society and Police Benevolent Association.


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Valentine’s Day in Jersey City


Personally, I prefer to cook with my boyfriend or gal pals at home on Valentine’s, because without the interruption of a waitress or the bill or arriving somewhere on time or parking or the freezing cold, you can work together and talk the whole way through it, one-on-one. Or take a bubble bath together or get a couples massage. Anything! Restaurant dinners feel so impersonal to me. It’s like someone is orchestrating your relationship. No. I hate to feel like I’m on The Bachelorette. I’d rather celebrate what’s real with my boyfriend or my friends who mean the world to me. I love a holiday about love…but do something specifically significant to your relationship, even if you are celebrating with your puppy or even if you are by yourself. Celebrate yourself! Toys all around 😉

If you are into the dinner thing, here’s what’s happening at Jersey City restaurants:

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