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Sometimes it takes a T-shirt to open up a conversation about social change. Enter Joy, who began the company Be The Difference, LLC.

The company originally started because Joy was heavily into fitness, and she wanted a shirt that said “Work Hard, Snack Harder.” When the first self-made T-shirt became such a conversation starter, Joy went out and looked for designers to create more.

The operation evolved into a mission to get strangers on the street and even your friends to begin discussions about social change and spreading positivity and support. “I was tired of seeing negative images,” says Joy. “Why can’t I just do something positive? This movement is about change,” says Joy.

Some shirts: “Say No to Workforce Bullying.” “The Grass is Greener…Right Here.” “Hard Work Pays Off.” Other shirts have positive affirmations: “I Can, I Will” and “Built for Tough.” Joy gets her inspiration from everyday people and things. “If I believe it, somebody else will believe it,” she says.


The subject matter is not always sunny, but begs to invoke change, such as the shirt emblazoned with “The Addiction Kills the Family.” Many have experience with that and it open up lines of communication.

“People are looking for something,” says Joy. “I know that in the long run these T-shirts will help raise awareness and help people treat people differently, even if a person just notices the words subliminally while passing by and recalls the message later.”

Joy donates 10% of profits every month to Hayden’s Heart charity organization, which raises awareness for infants with Congenital Heart Disease and helps families with expensive medical bills. She is also doing a series called “Our Lives Seen Through My Eyes,” based off of the “Addiction Kills the Family” T-shirt, and would like volunteers to come foward and share their stories as well. Watch the video here.

Check out Joy’s online shop hereor catch her merchandise at Teez N’ Things, (181 Monticello Ave.); A New You Hair Salon (593 Ocean Ave.); Uneeek Success Styles (407 Ocean Ave.); or at one ofJersey City’s outdoor markets. T-shirts range from $15-20.

Wear (and talk) it out,



Erin Henderson Visits Jersey City Schools


New York Jets star linebacker Erin Henderson announced that he is helping Jersey City children in Back2School efforts today, Thursday August 27th at 12 noon.

Henderson teamed up with AngelaCARES and the United Way of Hudson County to provide needed school supplies and even sports memorabilia to students at Urban Expedition Summer Camp and the Miss Chevonne School of Etiquette.  The distribution ach child in these programs will receive a book bag filled with supplies.

“School is essential for the success of our young people,” Angela V. McKnight Founder and CEO of AngelaCARES said.  “Unfortunately, many students do not have and many families cannot afford even the basic supplies such as a notebook, pen, pencil or folders to attend school.”

“I am always willing to provide a way, outlet or spot of hope for those in need, especially children and initiatives that promote education.  Reaching out to get involved was a no brainer for me,” said Henderson.

Let’s get our school on!

Del Frisco’s Grill is Hiring

del friscos

Del Frisco’s Grille, a restaurant serving American classic comfort food with a twist, is opening a location in Hoboken in September of 2015 at 221 River St.

They are looking to hire more than 120 culinary professionals for positions in the front and back of the house.  Available positions include servers, bartenders, hosts, hostesses, bussers, line cooks, prep cooks, broiler cooks and dishwashers.

The benefit package includes: 401k retirement savings plan with attractive matching contributions for both management and hourly employees; comprehensive medical, dental and vision (available to full time employees 60 days after they are hired); domestic partner coverage and management eligibility upon hire. Tuition reimbursement for specializations such as sommelier certification is also available.

The Hiring office is open Monday – Friday from 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.; Saturday’s by appointment only at 2 Hudson Place, Suite 100 Hoboken, NJ 07030

TO APPLY: Visit or call 201-710-5150

For more information, visit

Good luck!

La Festa Italiana

La Festa Italiana

There are only two more days to enjoy the fabulousness of La Festa Italiana in downtown Jersey City. Today (8/15) and tomorrow (8/16).

La Festa Italiana in Jersey City began in 1902 as a street festival in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption (August 15) & St. Rocco (August 16), both days of which were venerated by thousands of parishioners at Holy Rosary Church in Historic Downtown Jersey City – Celebrating 130 Years as the First Italian Parish in the State of New Jersey!

Enjoy: live music, games, merchandise, raffles, and fabulous Italian food outside of Holy Rosary Church along 6th Street between Brunswick & Monmouth Streets.


karmalize.meWelcome to wellness with Karmalize.Me, where fresh, organic kind-to-you food items are made to order and delivered to your doorstep.

Shubhra Bhatnagar worked at Goldman Sachs and was Vice President of Bank of America when she got involved with The Happiness Program. Because she was so dedicated to the meditative lifestyle, she decided to create healthy foods that complemented the program.


Karmalize.Me is, as the name suggests, a company that provides nourishment that breeds good karma. The products are mostly nuts and grains based. Everything is organic, good for you, and delivered to your doorstep. But best of all, 50% of the profit from your purchase is donated to the charity of your choice.

almond milk

A day after I placed my order for Sprouted Almond Milk, Shubhra personally delivered it to my doorstep. It is made from Karmalize.Me‘s organic raw almonds that have been soaked for 16 hours, causing them to begin to germinate. Because the soaking process releases the almonds’ enzyme inhibitors, your body has to do much less work to absorb the nutrients. The milk, having no preservatives, is creamier and easier to digest than regular nut milk.

It is freshly made upon order, so anticipate a day or two for your high-quality products to arrive. 


The mason jar of almond milk had the best-by date, which was less than the grocery-store shelf date, but all the better. Without all of the processing and preservatives, the milk is so delicious, you’ll drink it all at once. Think fresh, clean, creamy, pure.

Time to place your order at!

Be kind to yourself and others,

6th Borough Market 7/26

6th Borough

I heart the 6th Borough Market—and it’s back today! Take a walk behind City Hall (Montgonmery St. and Marin Blvd.) between 11am and 5pm to soak in the unique offerings and handcrafted items. There is nothing like shopping local.

Click below to see pics & purchases from my last visit…


Meditate Jersey City


Did you know that you can meditate for free at The Brunswick Center in Jersey City?

The former school at 189 Brunswick Street has transformed into an educational health and wellness center, where classrooms have been converted into dance studios, cardio and weight-training rooms, and the yoga & meditation center.

Volunteers run the meditation classes at 7pm on Mondays (or Tuesdays, depending on attendance availability in the meetup group) and at 5pm on Saturdays.

On my particular visit, Kushal Choksi, who works in hedge funds, was the instructor. We removed our shoes before entering the studio and sat on our mats. First, we did breathing exercises to open up our air passages. Then Kushal led us in a guided meditation that he said would be 10 minutes but when we finished it turned out to be 22 minutes. Time was irrelevent. In meditation, you are so focused on your inner body that you are not concerned with the outside world.

Kushal explained that most of our daily lives involve things pulling us in different directions and that both external and internal forces control our thoughts. But there is one way we can control our thoughts…through breathing. I certainly felt clear-headed and centered after the session, at peace with myself and my surroundings. We were living in the present moment.

I spoke to Amit Haryani, who often leads the classes at The Brunswick Center. He has studied yoga and meditation for 20 years and has taught for 15 of those, finding that it gives him inner peace from his day job as an environmental engineer.

Earlier in ilfe, when Amit was stressed out during exams, his classmate introduced him to “The Art of Living” happiness program, started by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The Brunswick Center location offers that as a paid program, once a month. Details here.

“The happiness program is about leading a lifestyle where you can truly be happy,” says Amit. “It gives you the ability to actually be the expression of happiness, rather than be in the pursuit of happiness.”

If anything can be determined from the demeanor of these men and other organizers, it is that they have an inner-peace that radiates positive energy and joy to all of those in their presence.


  • Community Meditations: Monday 7-8pm and Saturday 5-6pm
  • Community Yoga: Tuesday 7-8pm
  • Happiness Program Schedule: Aug 27-31,  Sept 24-28
  • Meditation program: Aug 7-9, Sept 11 – 13  


Jersey City’s New Hot Sauce!

GeminiCrowJoining the Grove Street Farmer’s Market this year is new hot sauce vendor Gemini-Crowand boy is that sauce hot!

Dov Teta, a former co-worker of mine way back, founded Gemini-Crow while being a stay-at-home dad for his daughters.

As a supporter of entrepreneurs and small businesses (as well as a lover of hot sauce!), naturally, I had to check out the goods.

I chose Burn, Blackberry Belle, and the Devil His Due (not a typo).


All sauces are quite hot, so a little goes a long way. My favorite is Blackberry Belle, as it’s a little sweeter and has less burn than the others, but they are all good and fiery. There are also two jarred sauces under the “Doom” label.

Stop by Dov’s stand at The Grove Street Farmers Market on Thursdays and you can try each sauce in the Gemini-Crow collection and hear his recommendations for food pairings. All are gluten-free and vegan. Each bottle is $7.99, but you can buy 3 for $21 at the market.

Best of all, if you mention that you read about it on Jersey City Gal, he may just give you a discount.

Feel the burn,

Maid Comfy: Household Cleaning Tips!

maid comfy

Who has the time and energy to keep up with household cleaning unless its your profession?

I am obsessed with cleaning and sometimes feel like its all I do, only to find some dust  the next day. That damn dust.

I am always looking for ways to be more proficient and smarter and faster with my cleaning.

I research cleaning methods a lot. And I found a cool man, Abu Bah, who runs NJ cleaning service MaidComfy and blogs about our cleaning crises. Here are his 5 Basic Tips for Reorganizing the Home and Simplifying Life

Tip #1 – Start With Clearing out the Clutter

Though most people may not realize it, lots of clutter can affect virtually every part of an individual’s life.

Click below to read more…


Cork & Canvas: My trip!


After my initial announcement of the opening of Cork & Canvas, I want to update you on how amazing my experience was. This is def my favorite activity suggestion for a friend or family fun night. Tons of laughs, healthy competition and a masterpiece to bring home!

The night I went, it was a Hawaiian theme, and I got “laid” when I walked in. There were kids from 4-86. No worries. All skill levels are welcome.

After some food, drink and mingling, we settled at our canvasses and got down to the painting bit. Each person is provided with a canvas, pallette of acrylic paint colors, brushes and water.

There was a finished painting of what we would be creating on an easel next to the instructor up front. Our leader had her own blank canvas and walked us through the process step by step as she began her recreation, instructing what type of brush to use, which colors to mix, and where to place our lines and shapes on the canvas.

An assistant strolls the aisles to refill colors on your palette and bring you paper towels. For the more deatiled parts of the painting, the instructor walks arounds with the finished product to assist your strokes.

Glancing to my right and left, I was a bit intimidated. The woman to my right admitted she was a professonal painter and the man to my left seemed like he was one. It should be noted that you don’t have to follow instructions exactly if you don’t want to. Instead of the flower, one man chose to paint a dog instead and another chose to do a plate with a steak dinner. To each their own.

After finishing up, painters have the opportunity to see everyone’s creations while cleaning up and letting the canvases dry. Each painting was beautiful and unique and inspirational.

And then we all went on our merry ways with our masterpieces.

To the artistically inclined,

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