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Comfort Food for Cloudy Days

cozystormOh the overcast sky, the chilly nip in the air, the fear of imminent Hurricane Joaquin…

All reminds us that Fall is well under way in Jersey City, which means that right now, your body craves snuggly comfort foods.

Thank goodness Jersey City has an endless supply of places to satisfy that need.

Click on the below links for my reviews of restaurants/cafes that cater to comfort on every level.

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There are so many awesome restaurants in Jersey City. I’ve covered plenty more than these on my (this) site, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare/Swarm and for the Jersey City Independent’s magazine and website.

These are just picks for our impending weather.

And, if disaster strikes you and not me, do stop by and do refuel here as many did during Sandy.

Be well and warm on,

Jersey City’s Comfort Food: Park & Sixth

park & sixth

I was invited to lunch at Park & Sixth (at its original 364 Grove St. location) on a freezing but sunny day. I had been meaning to try this comfort food gem for quite some time and could not wait. P & S did not disappoint.

Upon entering, I was expecting “upscale pub” but was greeted with kinky kitsch. I love it! Everything is still very warm and welcoming—the decor just lets you know that the place has a sense of humor about itself.

My friend was sitting in a sun-beamed window booth with cushioned benches and ornate pillows, sipping white sangria adorned with colorful fresh fruit from a mason jar. Well then, if cocktails are in order…I decided on a jalapeno margarita to join in on the fun.

park and sixth

It was clearly made with thought; the winter-sunny day drink was artful and as a fan of spice, I loved its kick.

We were in salad moods. My friend is a regular here and ordered the Garbage Salad (mixed greens, rabe, zucchini, roasted red peppers, portobella shrooms, asparagus, red onion, balsamic vinaigrette) and I had the Beet Salad (herbed goat cheese, pickled onions, cayenne candied almonds, mesculin, dill vinaigrette).

beet goat cheese salad park & sixth

As a truffle fry fan, I must order them wherever I go. Park & Sixth’s parmagiana fries with truffle oil and parsley are a large portion for a side order and oh-so-addictive. (These are half-eaten).

park & sixth truffle fries

The new Park & Sixth location on 279 Grove St. has a slightly different feel being in the old Merchant locale, but a very similar menu. One must-try for the burger connoisseur is The Beast: Short rib, american cheese, lettuce, bacon, caramelized onion, chipotle mayo, ketchup & a runny fried egg. I tried the slider version on a Jersey Girls Food Tour.

Prices are reasonable; portion sizes are not overwhelming. On another day, I ordered wings to go with Park & Sixth’s signature sauce – Oh my yum.

Buon Appetit to cozy eats,