Iron Monkey

After a few freezing cold rainy days, it was finally decent in Jersey City. Dinner on the roof was in order! Iron Monkey, though it does not have the most spectacular view (partial, but includes the Freedom Tower), still has a great roof in terms of ambiance and friendly service. The food is always above par when it comes to standard bar fare, and this bar has over 300 beers—37 of which are on tap—not to mention everything’s reasonably priced.

My date and I started with the homemade crabmeat dumplings, a must-try. A party in your mouth with delicious soy-ginger dipping sauce, served over mixed greens for some balance.


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As an entree, I had the baby spinach salad, outfitted with duck confit, goat cheese, bacon, tomato and red onion tossed in a raspberry shallot vinaigrette.


My companion chose the stir-fry shrimp with julienned veggies over rice and loved it. Shrimp was cooked perfectly (not easy to do) and the flavoring was spot-on according to the menu description, but a bit bland to my taste buds.



I’ve been here 8 times, usually on the roof, but rain brought my party downstairs twice. No biggie. For instance, St. Patty’s: Green beer!

iron monkey

I’ve also had the Monkey nachos, chicken quesadillas, skewers, wings, breakfast pizza and the fuji apple & endive salad (amazing!). I have friends who have had the burger, the steak frites,  and the spicy popcorn (Cajun chilies and truffle oil; always gets lots of raves). Man though, I am dying to try the Monkey mac & cheese and the portobello mushroom pizza. I’ll let you know when I do!



 Iron Monkey 2






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