Jersey City’s Comfort Food: Park & Sixth

park & sixth

I was invited to lunch at Park & Sixth (at its original 364 Grove St. location) on a freezing but sunny day. I had been meaning to try this comfort food gem for quite some time and could not wait. P & S did not disappoint.

Upon entering, I was expecting “upscale pub” but was greeted with kinky kitsch. I love it! Everything is still very warm and welcoming—the decor just lets you know that the place has a sense of humor about itself.

My friend was sitting in a sun-beamed window booth with cushioned benches and ornate pillows, sipping white sangria adorned with colorful fresh fruit from a mason jar. Well then, if cocktails are in order…I decided on a jalapeno margarita to join in on the fun.

park and sixth

It was clearly made with thought; the winter-sunny day drink was artful and as a fan of spice, I loved its kick.

We were in salad moods. My friend is a regular here and ordered the Garbage Salad (mixed greens, rabe, zucchini, roasted red peppers, portobella shrooms, asparagus, red onion, balsamic vinaigrette) and I had the Beet Salad (herbed goat cheese, pickled onions, cayenne candied almonds, mesculin, dill vinaigrette).

beet goat cheese salad park & sixth

As a truffle fry fan, I must order them wherever I go. Park & Sixth’s parmagiana fries with truffle oil and parsley are a large portion for a side order and oh-so-addictive. (These are half-eaten).

park & sixth truffle fries

The new Park & Sixth location on 279 Grove St. has a slightly different feel being in the old Merchant locale, but a very similar menu. One must-try for the burger connoisseur is The Beast: Short rib, american cheese, lettuce, bacon, caramelized onion, chipotle mayo, ketchup & a runny fried egg. I tried the slider version on a Jersey Girls Food Tour.

Prices are reasonable; portion sizes are not overwhelming. On another day, I ordered wings to go with Park & Sixth’s signature sauce – Oh my yum.

Buon Appetit to cozy eats,

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