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Covid-19: August and Everything After

Fear begins to set in as summer comes to a close. The time, the end of the timeline of this virus being a real threat…it just keeps stretching. It feels endless.

The summer would bring a reprieve—we thought—and it seemed to for a moment in the Northeast in June. But the virus was blossoming and blooming and peaking in other states, and therefore we had to ban a great part of the U.S. from coming to NY/NJ.

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Covid-19: What to Expect When Your City Begins to Recover

You’re so over avoiding people like the plague and the rigorous sanitation game, as you never showed symptoms, no one you know your age had symptoms and none of your family had symptoms. Basically, you are at the point where you know you were exposed and you also know you did not pass anything to anyone. (OK, maybe that was just me.)

But now, you can easily test for anti-bodies; you can do rapid Covid-testing to clear your name — you can finally visit others.

Things start to feel normal-ish…

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Become Your Best Self During COVID-19

You’ve stocked up, you’ve cleaned up, you’re staying inside/ away from others as much as possible.

After a few days of working from home, TV watching and stress junk food eating, you start to feel helpless, hopeless or bored AF in isolation.

But think of this as a time for self-reflection and opportunity.

What are things you also want to do to self-improve, and how can you help your community? Remember to take care of yourself first (airplane air masks). Only when you are healthy and implementing best practices are you able to help others.

To figure out your own list of how to fill this new, always-at-home time, start with your 2020 New Year’s resolutions. What did you hope to accomplish this year? Or even last year? What are actionable steps you can do now, from home?

Here are suggestion to create a healthy routine, home environment, and ideas for activity to maintain optimism in uncertain/scary times. [Note: These are particular to me/ my situation living alone in Jersey City during these times.] Please write if you have suggestions regarding: pets/children/work from home simultaneously with your spouse/roommate and how you’ve adjusted your routine/tips for sanity/pretty much anything else. I’ll be doing follow-up posts as the weeks continue.]