Covid-19: What to Expect During Weeks 6-7 of Quarantine


The light at the end of the tunnel emerges, begins to divaricate…

*If you’re still watching the news, you still don’t have enough information, yet you’ve limited your per-day watch time because the updates are too much and too little all at once

*You are well-practiced in all protocol for being in public

*You are able to get tested without symptoms

*If you have recovered from Covid-19, you can volunteer your antibodies

*You are able to get tested for antibodies

*You are less worried about getting sick and more worried about your job, the economy and your financial future

*Businesses are slowly starting to reopen around you, and you feel hopeful

*You are anxious to get outside and back to “normal life,” but may also fear being in close proximity (especially in closed spaces) with other humans

*Some days feel normal; some backwards or upside down…still a rollercoaster


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