Golden Door Film Festival 9/16-9/21


loews 4

 The majestic Loew’s Theater: A hidden gem in Journal Square

Tommy Hilfiger presents Jersey City’s 4th International Golden Door Film Festival, starting with the opening event this Tuesday 9/16.

The film festivities start at the Opening Gala this Thursday with films “Six Letter Word” and “The Odd Way Home” showing at Landmark Loews Theater in Journal Square.

Friday’s screenings begin at 3pm and continue throughout Saturday and Sunday at different theaters in Jersey City. There will be after-parties all four days to give you the opportunity to mix and mingle with filmmakers, actors and fellow JC arts lovers.

More than 60 films will be screened at five locations throughout the city during the four-day fiesta, which connects emerging and famous filmmakers from our great city and beyond.

First things first: Decide what you want to see! Film list for the weekend here. The Red Carpet Galas on Friday and Saturday were a smash last year.

All-access VIP passes are $150 each (all screenings and events) or you can purchase tickets for individual screenings for $10 ($5 student discount) and individual events for $10-$20.

Full info here.

Celebrate Cinematography,


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Jersey City’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party


Vintage Murder Group

The Murder Mystery Company hosts dinner parties with a case to solve, and one of their regular spots is in Jersey City. A curious person and complete newbie to interactive dinner theater, I jumped at the chance to attend one of MMC’s shows at Sanai’s (510 Summit Ave.) earlier this month.

I was in for quite the experience. First, detectives, you must sign up in advance via their website, Tickets include a 3-course dinner (bevvies and gratuity not included) and the very interactive murder mystery show from “the nation’s most popular interactive theater company.”

Once you book your party, you’ll receive your theme. Mine was “Wanted, Dead or Alive!,” a whodunnit set in 1887. Members of the audience are encouraged to dress up—and there is even a costume contest at the end. Immediately, I needed to get some attire. A couple of cowboy shirts, hats, bandanas and boots later, my date and I were ready to go.

I’m not sure how I’ve never heard about the popularity of mystery dinner parties in JC—the restaurant was jam-packed with cowboys, cowgirls, saloon gals, Native Americans, and serious duster jackets and hats on townsmen.

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Actors are hired to perform for the show, and all audience members are labeled as detectives. You are seated at a table of 8-10, and your table serves as your team for the evening. Ours was the smallest 6 people, as some had canceled, so we were immediately at a disadvantage, but I was there for the experience and not in it to win it. (Sorry, mates!)

The two-hour interactive event was nothing if not intense. It’s an entertaining mix of actors performing scenes and providing monologues, guests discussing clues with their tables about suspects, guests dividing and going to other tables individually to bribe actors (with fake money) for more clues, reconvening, eating a bite here or there (note: Sanai’s was good and I will def be back on a regular night to review it), hearing more monologues, evidence, and repeating the cycle of gathering clues and reconvening.

The wild, suspensful, involved extravaganza is a bit much for a first-timer trying to keep track of information overload and all of the 120 or so people there. I found it hard to hear the evidence and clues because of audience noise. Additionally, one woman in our group wanted to take complete control of our investigation (fine with me, not so fine with some of our other team members who traveled from far-away towns and wanted more input).

mystery dinner

At the end of the evening, all teams proposed their final verdicts and handed slips of paper to the announcer. At first, my group was led to believe we solved the mystery, but then that told our conclusion was so outlandishly off. However, we were so outgoing that we won the award for Team Spirit! That’s the best award, anyway.

Several other awards were handed out (including the best costume one) and then as our table settled the tip and ate dessert, we finally had some time to talk on a personal level. I love meeting new people. All in all, it was a crazy night and I’d totally do it again.

Tickets are $60 each, but I happen to have a giveaway. Two free tickets for the best comment on this article about why you deserve to go!

Murder Mystery Company also holds holiday parties, corporate events, small party events, and team building events. Visit for more info.


Have a killer time,


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Screening of Batman this Saturday: 11.23.13


Historic Loews Jersey City Theater (54 Journal Square) is screening Batman (as in the 1989 movie) at 7:30PM this Saturday, Nov. 23.

The executive producer of all of the Batman films from 1989 to 2012’s Dark Knight Rises, Michael E. Ulsan, was born in Jersey City—and will be at the event.

Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for kids & seniors.


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JC Fridays 9/6/13

A.ah art house

The quarterly culmination of extraordinary Jersey City art and music is back! JC FRIDAYS, hosted by Art House Productions, is a city-wide full day of free events here in Chilltown.

Local businesses collaborate with artists in a celebration of culture. Events include art openings and exhibits, live music, film/video screenings and performances.

Below is a short list of happenings:

  • FRI @ 9:00 AM
    JC Cultural Affairs | Jersey City Artists Studio Tour Preview Exhibition
  • FRI @ 11:00 AM
    Saint Peter’s University Social Justice & Honors Program | Community Garden Art, Culture, Education & Food
  • FRI @ 12:00 PM
  • FRI @ 12:00 PM
    JCAS : 313 GALLERY presents “A Time For Counting : Bunny Pearlman Closing Party
  • FRI @ 3:00 PM
    All Iron Works NJ | Things I Found Around Town & Shop
  • FRI @ 3:00 PM
  • FRI @ 3:00 PM
    Project Greenville | I Love Greenville
  • FRI @ 5:00 PM
    Astor Bar | Mike DiFeo
  • FRI @ 5:30 PM
    Sustainable JC | SJC Green Drinks + Art
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    GALLERY 58 | “Quadrivium” by Maurizio Zuluaga.
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    Casa Dante | An Evening of Live Music with The Laura Hull Jazz Trio
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    Gia Gelato & Cafe | Uncommon Threads
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    CAMILLE CESARI LOVEPRINT JEWELRY | “Jersey City Meets Coney Island.”
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    Port-O Lounge | The 17 Year Cicada – Kayt Hester
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    Indiegrove and Artmeme | Risk. Achieve. Grow. Quench the artist in you
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    Franc Palaia | Windows on Columbus/Illuminated Polaroids.
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    Pint | Victory! A Craft Brewing Event!
  • FRI @ 6:00 PM
    Gaia | Labor of Love
  • FRI @ 6:30 PM
    McGinley Square Project | Feminine Energy
  • FRI @ 7:00 PM
    Grassroots Community Space | Jersey City Renaissance.
  • FRI @ 7:00 PM
    City Life | Art Beats
  • FRI @ 7:00 PM
    Balance Salon | Pee Wee’s Playhouse Costume Party!
  • FRI @ 7:00 PM
    Narciso Espiritu | MASKS: A Prelude to Tales of Caution
  • FRI @ 7:00 PM
    Silverman and Hamilton Square Condominium Association and Artbloc | Kati Vilim: Extempore Refrain
  • FRI @ 7:00 PM
    Silverman and Hamilton Square Condominium Association presents “Mark Dagley: Recent Paintings,”
  • FRI @ 7:00 PM
    Boca Grande Mexicana Cantina | de Colores
  • FRI @ 8:00 PM
    The Corkscrew Bar & Grill | Screwed Up Comedy
  • FRI @ 8:00 PM
    Fabulous Uptown Music | JC Orginals Jazz
  • FRI @ 8:00 PM
    The Dopeness | Dope Art
  • FRI @ 8:00 PM
  • FRI @ 9:00 PM
    GP’s Restaurant | Joe Velez “Selected Verses”

Also note: *Groove on Grove’s finale starts at 5pm at the Grove Street PATH Plaza
*SunMoon Yoga is offering one week of unlimited yoga for $25 for first-time students who attend JC Fridays events.

Visit for more info.

Celebrate the Arts!

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