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Surf City: Jersey City’s Beach

Surf CityJersey City always guarantees good summer outdoor drinking at Surf City. You have the sand, the water, the sky—and the breathtaking view of Manhattan and Liberty Island.

I always look forward to tucking my feet in the sand, sipping on one of their signature bucket cocktails and admiring the boats as I ascertain whether any yacht owners would be willing to take me for a ride on the Hudson.

Since SC comes from the owners of the awesome Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden, there are 25 craft beers on tap. I usually go with Purple Haze at the BG, but SC’s Captain Lawrence Sunblock quenched my thirst perfectly on the hot day I went two weeks ago.

If you’re not into beer, which I’m often not, go for one of the Monster buckets (split it with a friend as they are strong and $18 and Do Not Drive!) I like the Green Monster, but there are four varieties to choose from and each can be made with either vodka or tequila and you can mostly mix and match the other ingredients (inside tip).

Like the BG, SC has communal tables and you walk up to the counter to order your food (though I found out on slower days, the waiters and waitresses will come to you). The wait is typical for a place of this size on a busy night, sometimes 35-40 minutes.

I had the wings, cheeseburger and fries—all are up to par. The Key West Mix salad is my favorite thing so far. While I want to try all of their seafood options (mussels, clams, lobster & shrimp roll, mahi-mahi—you name it), the food is a bit pricey, especially when you compare it to Zeppelin Hall’s menu—which is the natural thought process for patrons who’ve migrated here to test the waters. And let’s consider the fact that you are serving yourself. This year a raw bar is serving fresh seafood daily including jumbo shrimp, clams on the half shell and crab claws, which is more wallet-friendly if you only want a litle taste of the sea.

Surf City can accomodate 3500 patrons per night: It has plenty of indoor and outdoor communal seating and boasts six bars and four dining decks plus the sandy beach with lounge chairs, and If it gets chilly when the sun sets, move near one of the fire pits—so nice.

Getting there is easy: The light rail (Hudson-Bergen) and PATH (Grove) are nearby, and there is free parking in their huge lot at 1 Liberty Harbor (Marin Blvd.)

All in all, it’s a great place to chill and absorb awesome views and the calm that comes with sand and water—with all of your best friends.

Some of my summer pics below:


Marion Walker Band @ Lucky 7’s Tavern 6/12

marion-walkerReno/Seattle psych-rock trio Marion Walker are coming through town June 12 for a show at Lucky 7’s Tavern (322 2nd St.) at 8:30pm.

Little Town Social


Photo credit: Kyle Orlando

Most of us were fans of Little Town, the brainchild of Michael Sinensky and Sean McGarr in collaboration with Albie and Chris Manzo of RHONJ fame. The brand has been re-imagined as Little Town Social, which brings their orginal idea to the next level by moving the location a bit out of the tourist/frat-boy zone and more into a neighborhood spot. That’s not to say it’s dive-y, boring, or where you bring your grandparents. Anything but. Little Town Social operates on the key word “social,” where people gather over high-quality shared plates at communal tables or at the bar.


Photo credit: Thomas Ling

The former Village Pourhouse space at 205 First St. has been revamped into a sophisticated gathering spot with a more intimate feel involving dim lighting and warm tones. The bar is still 360 degrees with 32 TVs, and features a mix of classic and artisinal cocktails, such as the Ellen Arthur Cosmo (Absolut, Cointreau, passion fruit and lime juice), which I tried and was pleased that it was not sweet like a regular 90’s Cosmo. Guests have the option of 30+ beers on draft from microbreweries in addition to rotating seasonal specials. There is an extensive selection of bourbon, scotch, and tequila as well.


LTS’ menu is all about small plates and sharing, a concept that is not currently popular in Hoboken restaurants. Executive Chef Sarah Sproule is intense on the farm-to-table concept, sourcing everything as locally as possible and combining ingredients in innovative, flavorful ways.

Click below to continue reading about what the menu has to offer… (more…)

Jersey City’s Comfort Food: Park & Sixth

park & sixth

I was invited to lunch at Park & Sixth (at its original 364 Grove St. location) on a freezing but sunny day. I had been meaning to try this comfort food gem for quite some time and could not wait. P & S did not disappoint.

Upon entering, I was expecting “upscale pub” but was greeted with kinky kitsch. I love it! Everything is still very warm and welcoming—the decor just lets you know that the place has a sense of humor about itself.

My friend was sitting in a sun-beamed window booth with cushioned benches and ornate pillows, sipping white sangria adorned with colorful fresh fruit from a mason jar. Well then, if cocktails are in order…I decided on a jalapeno margarita to join in on the fun.

park and sixth

It was clearly made with thought; the winter-sunny day drink was artful and as a fan of spice, I loved its kick.

We were in salad moods. My friend is a regular here and ordered the Garbage Salad (mixed greens, rabe, zucchini, roasted red peppers, portobella shrooms, asparagus, red onion, balsamic vinaigrette) and I had the Beet Salad (herbed goat cheese, pickled onions, cayenne candied almonds, mesculin, dill vinaigrette).

beet goat cheese salad park & sixth

As a truffle fry fan, I must order them wherever I go. Park & Sixth’s parmagiana fries with truffle oil and parsley are a large portion for a side order and oh-so-addictive. (These are half-eaten).

park & sixth truffle fries

The new Park & Sixth location on 279 Grove St. has a slightly different feel being in the old Merchant locale, but a very similar menu. One must-try for the burger connoisseur is The Beast: Short rib, american cheese, lettuce, bacon, caramelized onion, chipotle mayo, ketchup & a runny fried egg. I tried the slider version on a Jersey Girls Food Tour.

Prices are reasonable; portion sizes are not overwhelming. On another day, I ordered wings to go with Park & Sixth’s signature sauce – Oh my yum.

Buon Appetit to cozy eats,

The Ainsworth opens in Hoboken!

Ainsworth_HobokenI usually leave Hoboken to the many people who operate Hoboken Girl and the various other blogs that report on the mile square, as I am a one-woman operation covering a much larger and diverse city.

But I am happy to do a favor for friends of Jersey City. Restauranteurs and former stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Manzo’d with Children, Albie and Chris Manzo shut their doors of Little Town restaurant in Hoboken in January, and have revamped the entire space to open The Ainsworth, along with Michael Sinensky [Little Town, Hudson Terrace, Sidebar, Village Pourhouse] and the Paige Hospitality Group on 310 Sinatra Drive.

Those of you who frequent New York City have surely been to the Chelsea or Gramercy locations for brunch, an afternoon sports game or a late night. Hoboken is a a perfect fit for The Ainsworth prides itself on being a one-stop shop for brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails and sports viewing. 

The Hoboken concept, which opened in March, is an outpost of upscale steak, burger and sports gastropub, The Ainsworth. “We are thrilled to partner with Paige Hospitality Group and bring one of the best and most established upscale steak, burger, and sports gastropub brands in the country to the waterfront space in Hoboken,” says Albie Manzo. “We look forward to announcing the next evolution of the Little Town brand in a vibrant and exciting part of town,” Chris adds.

Let’s check it out!

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