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Become Your Best Self During COVID-19

You’ve stocked up, you’ve cleaned up, you’re staying inside/ away from others as much as possible.

After a few days of working from home, TV watching and stress junk food eating, you start to feel helpless, hopeless or bored AF in isolation.

But think of this as a time for self-reflection and opportunity.

What are things you also want to do to self-improve, and how can you help your community? Remember to take care of yourself first (airplane air masks). Only when you are healthy and implementing best practices are you able to help others.

To figure out your own list of how to fill this new, always-at-home time, start with your 2020 New Year’s resolutions. What did you hope to accomplish this year? Or even last year? What are actionable steps you can do now, from home?

Here are suggestion to create a healthy routine, home environment, and ideas for activity to maintain optimism in uncertain/scary times. [Note: These are particular to me/ my situation living alone in Jersey City during these times.] Please write if you have suggestions regarding: pets/children/work from home simultaneously with your spouse/roommate and how you’ve adjusted your routine/tips for sanity/pretty much anything else. I’ll be doing follow-up posts as the weeks continue.]


Best Pizza in Jersey City (Heights)

pizza jersey city

I came across this old article and thought it high time I give my opinion: Rizzo’s Bakery (208 Central Ave.) makes the best pizza in Jersey City. I will clarify this by saying “Heights,” as there are tons of pizza places downtown and I have not tried them all yet.

Before you knock me for not saying Pizza Masters or Gino’s (I have plenty of good things to say about them), hear me out on why this is my fave on the cliff:

I’ve eaten pizza at countless places in the metro area. I grew up in northern New Jersey; I lived, went to school and worked  in Manhattan for a long time, and have been to Italy, where they really do make the best pizza in the world. I have yet to have a better slice in Hudson County when it comes to a delivery/take-out spot.

This is one of the best slices you can get, you just need to know what to order.

Instead of going for the regular pie-size slice at the counter (which is the size of 1/3 of a large pie—the pic below doesn’t do it justice; that box is the size of a large 16-inch pie)…


Order your own fresh pie with vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil (be very specific). The personal size is 12 inches in diameter, so you can definitely share it if you’re not starving. (I’ll get some pics next time I order from there. Or share yours with me at



I think if you order this particular pie, you will change your mind about the other pizza places around here—I also actually believe it may cure hangovers.

My other made-to-order is this sandwich: Prosciutto, mozzarella, soprresatta, hot peppers and balsamic vineagrette. This pic is just a small portion of it (Again, send me a better pic if you have one!) with the house antipasto on the side.

rizzo's sandwich

The Salad al Michelle (shrimp, chicken and romaine dressed in a creamy calorie bomb; ask for the dressing on the side if you need to), Chicken Sorrentino (chicken, veggies and pasta in tomato broth), and the bruschetta are all delish. Try one of my suggestions if you’re going to give it a chance, because everything else isn’t worth it.

Other notes: Buy their dough to make your own pizza or buy their fresh bread. Some ingredient they use makes both addictive. Rizzo’s also has Italian cookies, cannolis and, in the morning, croissants or muffins until they run out…none of which I care about, but that’s just me.

Don’t knock it until you try it—using my ordering suggestions.


Buon Appetito!


Dollar Stores: Central Avenue

No matter where you are in Jersey City, there is rarely a lack of a dollar store nearby. I’ll start with my three favorite in my neighborhood of the heights. All are on Central Avenue. (There are more on Central, but I frequent these the most.)


99¢ Gallery is awesome for makeup, arts & crafts supplies (they really have everything), party favors, gag gifts, gift wrap, shampoo, cow’s silk lotion, and Dove soap (the big bars are only $1 each; less than half the price at drugstores). I go here on a bi-weekly basis to stock up on toiletrees, cleaning supplies and makeup. The owners and people that work there probably think I am a party planner with all of the festive things I buy (gift bags, tissue paper, party poppers, glitter letters, glow bracelets, candles, temporary tattoos, bubbles) or that I have issues. I can’t tell. But they are super friendly and have the best selection, so I always stop there first.


This is going to sound crazy, but for all of my antique jewelry hunting and all of the inexpensive modern jewelry available on the cheap at national chains, this place kills it when it comes to conversation pieces that are inexpensive. As one might guess, not everything is a dollar in the dollar store, but 99 ¢ent-RAL’s  jewelry still only ranges from $2-8 a piece. I love their headbands and hats, too. It’s a great accesories place in general. There also happened to be some really cute bathing suits there last week, so I bought one—a $12 jewel-encrusted bikini—and it looks great!

99¢ Vision has $1 brand-name dishsoap, hand soap, quality baking tins (3 for $1) and the widest selection of posterboard and craft supplies. Basically, Vision is your go-to spot for kitchen and office needs. They also tend to have the best decorations and wrapping options when it comes to holidays. Just look at these Easter baskets I created below:

Easter Baskets

Farm Stands: The Best of Central Avenue


Many of the farmer’s markets in Jersey City are not yet open, but that shouldn’t keep you from getting fresh fruits and vegetables every day of the week. Get your fresh, local vegetables year-round. Central Avenue has six farm stands; I frequent four.


Sweet Pineapple has the (overall) best selection of fruit on the block, hands down.


Young’s Farm has the best basil ever and an overall great selection of greenery. They win in best quality, quantity, and variety of vegetables, usually at lower prices than the competitors.


Singh Farm has a more limited selection of produce. Their strength is their fabulous hard-to-find of Indian food and condiments, the best tasting and least expensive avocados, and again, the best tasting and least expensive fresh bread.


Central Ave. Farm often has things you cannot find elsewhere, such as out-of-season vegetables. Key for when I needed to make my asparagus recipe last week.

Shop Locally!


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