Get Around: Car Sharing Deals

Pining to get out of the 6th borough for a day trip?

Getaround – the car-sharing app that helps non-car-owning citizens quickly navigate the city and allows car owners make money on their (mostly) parked cars – is becoming increasingly popular in Jersey City.

If you own a car, you can earn up to $1200/month in extra income just by sharing in the tri-state area. Seriously.

Some deets:
*Cars are completely tech enabled through Getaround Connect
*Entry is keyless and accessed through the Getaround app
*Getaround handles driver’s license and background checks
*Getaround provides insurance
*Owners earn on average $500/month

Read up on the info and if interested in making bank on your unused car, list your vehicle here.

For non-car-owners who want to rent, get $25 off your first rental when you use my code JCGAL. Check it out here.

Rent options range from by-the-hour for shopping/transporting heavy items/small group transport to few-day rentals for a few-day rentals. Watch the video on how it works.

“With more than half of Hoboken residents commuting to work by public transportation, many only use their cars on weekends while others want to live car-free and avoid the cost and hassle of car ownership,” says Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Peer-to-peer car-sharing, like Getaround, is an innovative mobility option that meets the needs of both groups and can help to take cars off the road and reduce pollution and traffic.”


Get around already!

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