Spotted: Jersey City

In a new venture of bringing people, places and events to life in Jersey City, I’m introducing Spotted, a chapter of Jersey City Gal that is by the people and for the people – capturing the essence of our large and diverse city.

Jersey City is definitely on the map right now, with droves of people moving here and those on the outside curious about what’s up. Who are we? How do we define ourselves? Everyone is trying to keep up with Jersey City. What is your Jersey City?

Let’s let them know; let’s let each other know. For everything you do here in Jersey City, all of the places you go, the people you meet, the things you discover, your frustrations with a situation (traffic on 139?) – tag me in your social post and include the hashtag #spotted.

I want to bring our entire city together through your experiences. I’ll be aggregating all citizen-generated content to create a greater collage of this great city, all in one place. With miles to cover every moment, every day, this will be one collective spot of experiences that we can all share and learn from.

Joining the Spotted movement is simple: Here are the posting rules and examples to get you started.

Looking forward to your spots,

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