Moxie Mist

Today I arrived home to my package of MoxieMist, a natural and plant based facial and body mist line created by husband-wife duo Ashley and Joel in Jersey City.

MoxieMist tones, hydrates and refreshes like other facial mists, but it’s better for your skin, being chemical-free and made with ingredients nature intended you to use. Think organic, Ecocert and straight-up natural: Alcohol-free witch hazel, aloe vera juice, soy protein, cucumber water, rose water and pomegranate extract.

The MoxieMist line began with Ashley, who as a teenager struggled so much with acne that she started creating home-made formulas to remedy the situation. This led to her studying chemistry and launching a career in cosmetic chemistry. Ashley combined her passion and her knowledge to found the 100% natural multi-benefit mists with husband Joel.

I tried the rose, pomegranate and cucumber mists, and now misting has become part of my daily routine – it just feels so good! And it doesn’t hurt that MoxieMist is great for your skin, especially on some of these harsher-weather days. Toning and hydrating your skin is that simple.

“Beauty means feeling like the best version of yourself ready to face whatever lies ahead,” says Ashley. “Our definition of beauty inspired our brand name, since moxie means to have force of character, determination, or nerve. We want to inspire women to face their days with moxie.”

Check out MoxieMist and purchase online here.

To natural, refreshing beauty,

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