Loews AMC Newport Movie Theater Upgrade

Loews AMC Jersey City

Becoming single allowed me a few hours of free time per week, and I had a random afternoon off without any friend or family time planned, no business engagements, and not feeling like working on my 18-zillion projects, so I decided, on the suggestion of the “Jersey City Guru,” to check out the new AMC Loews Newport Centre 11 at the mall. I was sold on the idea of the reclining leather seats. “You feel like you’re in a private movie theater in your home!” said Guru. “People start yelling at the screen because they get so comfortable that they forget they’re in public!” she gushed.

Enter the mall, yes we know the Simon Newport Jersey City Mall. It is what it is. Nothing fancy, but fulfills your Vicky’s, Sephora & LUSH needs, the inexpensive trendy chains, plus major deals to be scored at the major department stores.

Walk to the third floor as you observe the random crowd and get on line for your movie ticket—or not. Skip the line and go via machine with card. OK, this automated machine is as annoying and complicated as the PATH or metro system: They all ask too many questions and take too long. Which takes me to my next point:

You pick your own seat. Like on an airplane. I was feeling the pressure of the crowd behind me. I mean, this machine was taking too long and the previews were starting and I LOVE the previews. Plus I like being early and getting settled. With the rush I just picked the random seat the computer suggested and waited another infinity until they properly verified my card and printed it all.

I’ve got my ish; I’m ready to go!

The theater is dark when I walk in and the previews are about to start which is great with timing, but I have no idea where my assigned seat is. I think this is not a problem because assigned seats are new to me. First come,first serve, right? So I find a nice seat with two empty seats on the side. I recline. I watch the previews. And 10 minutes into the film, aka 20 minutes late, a girl interrupts me “These are our seats! What is yours? Where is your ticket?” I can’t find it in my purse in the dark so I get up and move to find another seat, which, given the odds, is probably not mine. Once seated, I do find my ticket. It is three seats down between two couples, but I’m on the end side of one in the rows and there is an empty aisle seat next to me, where I throw all my mall purchases and finally recline. Now we are 30 minutes into the film (aka almost an hour after listed start time), so I chill.

A gentlemen came and sat on my designated purse chair at about T-40 minutes until of the movie—the movie hopper, I’ll call him; I mean, he did leave 10 minutes before the end as well—but he was in his own little fob hob hub pod and didn’t interrupt my viewing experience.

The Big Short was great. In other mall news…

Keep calm until you get your correct recline on,

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