Workout Playlist #2016

For those of you getting your New Year and New Workout Routine on, here is my mellow playlist of older tunes to ease into these frigid depths.

“Summerthing!” ♦ Afrojack
“Blind Heart” ♦ Cazzette
“Moments” ♦ Tove.Lo
“Stole The Show” ♦ Kyglo
“Three Words” ♦ Amber Pacific
“Go All Night” ♦ Gordon City
“Insomnia” ♦ Audien
“Blame” ♦ Calvin Harris
“The Trouble With Us” ♦ Markus Marr & Chet Faker
“Secrets” ♦ Tiesto
“You” (Goldroom remix) ♦ Charli XCX

“Headfisrt Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet” ♦ Fall Out Boy

“Shameless” ♦ Ani DiFranco
“Beautiful Now” ♦ Zedd

Check out what I was listening to a year ago today: Just Do It: Winter 2015

Move On,

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