A Fun Way To Support Local Businesses

smallOne of my friends loves to buy things she thinks are interesting at various markets or shops with no one in mind, but so that she can gift them to someone one day… when the right person matches the right gift. She feels no buyer’s remorse guilt—and, she also can choose something at the last minute for a houseawarming or dinner party that’s always cool and unique.

I was thinking about this a few months ago when I stopped by JC Made and saw this amazing shirt in the window that I was gifted the week before (and coincidentally, as I wasn’t planning on stopping there, almost wore it that very day), and yet again when I dropped by Pig & Pepper on my way home, because I interviewed the owner for the Jersey City Independent and wanted to explore their inventory.

Even though I couldn’t afford to shop at the time, I love the store and bought an inexpensive gift and card for a friend…any good friend. I’m going to wait until there’s an occasion…her birthday or job promotion or whatever (my gift is a girly gift), however, it is unique, she will not be able to find it anywhere else, and for those reasons it will be uniquely perfect.

How many times have you showed up at a friend’s house with a bottle of wine or a dessert or a trinket you picked up last-minute? And how unoriginal does that feel? No judgment. It’s happens to the best of us.

Ladies and gents, here is where you have your anytime shopping excuse. And here is when you SHOP LOCAL, in Jersey City, or course. We have hundreds of quite fantabulous local businesses with unique finds and even if the item references JC doesn’t mean you can’t buy it for someone who lives elsewhere. Our city is the best, spread the love, and represent us and or stores with a token that they will never forget because it’s from where you’re from…they will never forget you.

But I digress. The authenticity does not have to say anything about JC, but you, as a citizen here, do. You will do no wrong buying locally because everyone wins. The shops profit, you don’t have to feel guilty for spending money on things that are cool but that you may not normally buy, and your friends will think you’re the most rad, cutting-edge person, ever.

Ironically, while you can’t get the perfect thing for a person all of the time, when you have an aresenal, you realize you have the perfect thing. (Or you see the perfect thing but it’s not the right time…no occasion, but you buy and save it for the future.)


Shop local,

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