Concert in the Cemetery this Saturday, Jersey City! 5/17/14

pushing daisies

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Rock-it Docket hosts its annual Spring Fundraiser, Pushing Up the Daisies, at Harsimus Cove and Cemetery (435 Newark Ave.) this Saturday, June 17th, Jersey City. The suggested donation is $10 and the schedule goes as follows:
1:00 Gates Open
1:50 RocknRoll HiFives
2:40 The Dead Bums
3:30 Overlake
4:20 Hermano Stereo
5:10 Cicada Radio
6:00 Papermaker
6:50 Coy Kids
7:40 Désir Decir
8:20 The Graveyard Kids
9:10 The Money Shot

If you can’t make the date, donate at As I’ve said before and am repeating now, in the cemetery’s words: “Every month we need to raise between $2000 to $3000 just to operate and purchase equipment & supplies. If 300 people would donate only $10 each, we would be all set for the month! Please help our amazing restoration work by contributing today at”

There will be an after-party at the Lamp Post with Wristband from Day event or a suggested Donation $5 featuring these bands:

10:30 pm Love Bomb 69
11:30 Black Wail

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