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We’ve got a new program in town, and it’s about to change the face of youth soccer in Jersey City.

While Jersey City has a local league, a couple of competitive teams, a soccer school and different camps run by outside organizations, they have yet to have something as dynamic as USA Global soccer with its dedicated and deliberate training, which is about to bring us to the next level.

Ari Levit, one of its directors, is orginally from Argentina and has been coaching players from ages three to college-age, boys and girls. He holds the prestigious USSF “A” license, NSCAA “Premier” Diploma, NSCAA “Director of Coaching” Diploma, but as Ari says, the main credential is his experience in running soccer programs, training and coaching successfully all over the state of New Jersey.

“When I started coaching, soccer was a relatively new sport in the United States, so much of the professional coaching revolved around teaching the game from a basic level. Soccer was mostly played for fun. Many things have changed in the current scene, ranking points for U10 teams, tournaments all over, and as a consequence, we have made a 180 turn. It’s time to find a middle point.

“I’ve been living in Jersey City for over five years now, and in one of my attempts to help out the JC Soccer Association I met a great coach, with similar views as mine and we decided to partner up to create a unique program in town.”

His partner, Karim Mazarou, born in Belgium, holds the USSF “National Youth License” and is also a resident of Jersey City. “I have been volunteering for JCSA for quite some time and I still do, but I feel there is a demand from Jersey City parents for more dedicated training for their children. Coaches who keep educating themselves in becoming better teachers help children with their confidence and their overall development.”

What makes USA Global Soccer unique and different? Their program teaches beyond soccer. Besides the coaches’ credentials, knowledge and experience, they have developed a unique curriculum, philosophy and methodology:

? Develop game intelligence: Following recent methods of training that help develop the cognitive part of the game. Sessions include music, rhythm oriented exercises, brain centered learning, and soccer activities to develop decision making.

? Developmental appropriate progressions: At younger age groups, the most important part is the development of the player. The activities, and games, should be appropriate for the player, results are secondary. For the youngest players, success is measured by the growth of the players, not the score. As players grow older, the objectives start changing, but focus is on the “how we win” and not just “to win”.

? Modern Coach: A coach is above all a teacher, always learning better ways to educate children and develop their brain along with their body. Using activities that relate to the philosophy and that players can transfer to the game, separates our professional coaches from volunteers.

? Parent education: Feedback is crucial for development. Parents need to know what the objectives are for their child, so a clear path in growth can be seen. If parents cannot measure the success of the program by the score, educating them on what is taught during the deliberate training sessions is crucial.

There are many advantages to their time playing the game. Cognitive development, healthy exercise and the understanding of respect, commitment and teamwork are only a few of them.

“We want to grow with the city, and our plans have a long term in mind.” The coaches will launch a winter program in two locations, Jersey City Heights and Downtown during January and February. “Jersey City is our home. We live, shop, and attend local events, which means we are here to grow and stay. We want to build a soccer program like no other, and ultimately give back to the community for the benefit of the City and the kids.” both coaches agree.

On an exciting side note, Coach Ari and Coach Karim will be running a soccer clinic in conjunction with Ryan Strother, Jersey City Department of Recreation’s Director, in late January at the Jersey City Armory. They are expecting over 200 boys and girls, ages 5 to 18 years old to participate. Those interested in attending can contact USA Global Soccer for more information. 

For more information about the Winter Programs, visit or contact at

JC Youth Soccer is about to change, and you heard it here first.

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