Macbeth Saturday 8/17

(photo courtesy of the Cemetery)

The Hudson Shakespeare Company performs Macbeth live at The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery (435 Newark Ave.) at 7pm on Saturday, August 17th. Watch a classic put to the stage in this theatrical benefit for the cemetery, which is a 100% volunteer-operated space, having no house-of-worship affiliation and no city or state funding.

This performance is sure to knock you out of the park! So bring your friends, your family, your blankets (nights are starting to get chilly). You may think a cemetery is a creepy place to gather, especially at night, but Harsimus really is a neat spot. Read about my experience here.

There’s a suggested donation of $10 per person for the show. In the cemetery’s words: “Every month we need to raise between $2000 to $3000 just to operate & purchase equipment & supplies. If 300 people would donate only $10 each, we would be all set for the month of September! Please help our amazing restoration work by contributing today at



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