New Jersey State Fair and Carnival at the Meadowlands

The Meadowlands State Fair is going on right now and I cannot wait to get there.

This week, Tuesday is Cheap-cheap Night, starting at 6pm (schedule here), and Wednesday and Thursday are both host of fireworks shows at night. Info here. Gates open at 6pm on weeknights except for the July 4th holiday, where they open at 2pm.

In addition to carnival rides, you can take a ride on the original Batcopter from the early Batman show and movies.  You will also find special attractions, carnival oddity shows, great food and shopping.

Games include water games, racing games, balloon pops, pitch games, basketball, guessing games, duck ponds, fishing and more.

Last year, I went on almost every ride and even found a psychic with my name!





Click below to see more pictures…

Our group played most of the games and my friend won one of these crazy rasta bananas.



Another friend tried (unsuccessfully) to climb this ladder:


And then, walking out, I ran into this elephant:



All in all it was lots of laughs, lots of screams and lots of healthy competition trying to win prizes.

Let me know about your experiences and which rides and games I shouldn’t miss this year.

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