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Adult Dance Classes At Kennedy Dancers


The Kennedy Dancers, a professional dance company and school, is adding new adult dance classes (ages 18 and up) at the Kennedy Dancers studio located on 79 Central Avenue, Jersey City, NJ. All classes are open for registration.

Dancing is the ultimate cross fit training for your body using all muscle groups through varied exercises and choreography. Just look at how fit everyone gets when they compete on Dancing With The Stars!

Choose from: zumba, pilates, ballroom, jazz, belly-dancing and all levels of ballet.

Daytime Classes are free to Hudson County residents ages 60 & over.

For registration information, please contact Bong Dizon @ (201) 659-2190.


Get flexin’

New Year, New You


A new year for most people means a fresh start with a clean slate. Whatever your resolutions, here are some local places that will help you put your self-improvement plans into action.

Take up Zumba, Yoga or Martial Arts
Workout for free in JC

Ice Skate here or here

Learn Spanish or English (ESL):
Toni Ferrer

Learn to paint or sculpt:
Jersey City Arts School

Read something that expands your mind:
Tachair Bookshoppe
Jersey City Free Books
Jersey City Bookmobile & Library

Brush up your resume/ write a personal statement/ edit your book:
Gia Portfolio

Get more work done:

Learn to dance:
Kennedy Dancers
Salsa Fever

Beautify the DIY way:
My trix here

Treat yourself to a statement piece:
Vivi Girl Shop (where I was recently blogger of the month)
Tia’s Place
Very Second-Hand Clothing and Goods
Another Man’s Treasure
E. Tittlemouse & Co.

Brightside Tavern Monthly Comedy Night
Boca Grande Thursdays

Game to Meet JC Peeps:
Geeks Who Drink

Jersey City Cares
Liberty Humane Society

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Here’s to a happy, healthy 2014 in Jersey City!




International TaeKwon-Do Academy


A new fitness studio opened up in the heights. International Taekwon-Do Academy (523 Palisade Ave.) offers more than just martial arts.

Think high-intensity training combat classes, women’s self-defense sessions and ZUMBA® fun. Yoga in the Heights also hosts their indoor classes at the studio.

Mr. Vic Teran, the owner, defines himself as “Former Agent-in-Charge, Security Protective Specialist, U.S. Department of State” in his personal email signature, which elicited my curiosity.

His history is quite remarkable. To paraphrase his site:

Mr. Teran began training at age 5, became a Black Belt at age 13, trained with the Korean Olympic Team, then joined the Marine Corps, where he became the Chief Instructor for their TaeKwon-Do team and fought the War on Terror in Iraq. Later, as a Private Security Contractor in Iraq, he conducted high-threat personal protection for high-level dignitaries and trained his teammates in both TaeKwon-Do and Close Combat. He then became the Chief Instructor for the Baghdad TaeKwon-Do Club, where he trained the Iraqi Olympic Committee. Later, Teran was appointed Security Protective Specialist (Agent-in-Charge).

After ten and a half years operating in Iraq, Mr. Teran decided to resign from his position to continue his teachings and training in the art that first taught him the basic fundamentals. “TaeKwon-Do is a way of life,” he states.

Mr. Teran’s experience as a Marine close combat instructor and his understanding of the tenets of TaeKwon-Do and the Marine  Corps core values are things he plans to bring forth into his new school—courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, honor, courage and commitment.

So you get it: He’s serious. That’s not to say he isn’t personable—quite the opposite. But he will hold you to a high standard when it comes to martial arts and fitness.

I joined in on the fun for one of ITKDA’s ZUMBA® classes. Wow, was I in for a treat. First of all, the space is gorgeous. Wide, open inviting windows on the front facade, pristine mats for martial arts in the front room, high ceilings, hardwood floors and more big windows in the back that I’m guessing let in a lot of gorgeous light during the day.

When I entered a bit early, I was immediately greeted by Vic, then hugged and kissed by Natalia, the very energetic instructor. What a warm welcome! I chatted with them and Natalia’s mother while we waited for the others to arrive, and I checked out the facility to get a feel for the space, which I can only describe as clean with motivating energy.

Once our group was ready, the studio turned into nighttime fun—by this I mean darkness except for multi-colored strobe lights and fist-pumping booty-shaking music. Was I really in an exercise class? I’ve done ZUMBA® once or twice before, but this really rocked my world. Think of a sweaty dance party at a club where you shake your moneymaker—yet here, you’re sweating it out in gym clothes. It’s like a hip-hop dance rehearsal with ridiculously daring moves and lots of laughs. The next day, my abs and my bum were feeling it. Success!

ITKDA has many different package plans suited for your budget. Walk-in classes range from $10-$13, so drop in for a class and test it out for yourself, and chat with members as I did to figure out what program is right for you and your children. They also host several community events which you can attend to get a feel for what Mr. Teran’s studio is all about. All info here.


Work it out,

Free Zumba at the Park Sunday: 10/20/13


Before you peruse the Farmer’s Market this Sunday at Riverview Fisk Park in the Heights, why not get your free fitness on? Jenna Firshein is leading a Zumba® demo while the weather’s still perfect for outdoor workouts.

The class starts at 11:30 am and lasts approximately 45 minutes. FB info here. All ages and all fitness levels welcome. Let your friends know.

Visit Jenna’s website to inquire about hiring her for a Zumba® fitness party, private training, or a corporate event.

If you miss your fix and can’t make it to one of Jenna’s other classes, there is a new studio in the Heights with Zumba® classes twice a week, which I’ll be writing about in a few days. Stay tuned.


Get your dance on,