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Valentine’s Day in Jersey City


Personally, I prefer to cook with my boyfriend or gal pals at home on Valentine’s, because without the interruption of a waitress or the bill or arriving somewhere on time or parking or the freezing cold, you can work together and talk the whole way through it, one-on-one. Or take a bubble bath together or get a couples massage. Anything! Restaurant dinners feel so impersonal to me. It’s like someone is orchestrating your relationship. No. I hate to feel like I’m on The Bachelorette. I’d rather celebrate what’s real with my boyfriend or my friends who mean the world to me. I love a holiday about love…but do something specifically significant to your relationship, even if you are celebrating with your puppy or even if you are by yourself. Celebrate yourself! Toys all around ūüėČ

If you are into the dinner thing, here’s what’s happening at Jersey City restaurants:

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L‚ô•ve Bites


And I mean that in a good way.

On Tuesday, February 11th, Garden State Food Tours has organized a pre-Valentine’s soiree featuring cocktails and desserts.

What better place to host it than LITM? Love is the message, after all, at least when it goes into delicacies designed for your sweet tooth. Jersey City residents love an excuse to party, and here it is.

Tickets can be purchased here.

To find out more about GSFT and the mastermind behind it all, Alessia Aron, check out video from GSFT’s debut event here.

And of course, visit the Garden State Food Tours website.

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