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RNA Volunteer Match Day 4/5/14

Ogden Volunteer

The Riverview Neighborhood Association (RNA) is hosting a volunteer event this Saturday, April 5th to talk about the Jersey City Heights’ Community and its improvement.

Here are some topics of discussion, according to their Facebook Page:

•Community Visioning
•Riverview Arts District
•New Business Development (Palisades Avenue & other areas)
•Quality of Life Issues
•Transportation issues
•Clean-Up (General)
•Abandoned Buildings
•Ogden’s End Garden
•Riverview Park planting
•Farmer’s Market 
•Annual Flea Market and park festival event coordinator
•Big Spring Clean-up (electronics, hazardous waste, donations, recycling)
•Promotion of event
•Arts events
•JC Friday’s organizer for heights events and promotion. 
•Live @ The Lumberyard
•Movies In The Park 
•Spanish Translation
•General office work (envelope stuffing, etc)
•Graphic Design / Flyers 
•Website content and management
•Newsletter content
•Heights business profiles
•Grant Work: research and writing
•Public Relations
•Heights community outreach
•Fundraising for special projects like Riverview park monument restoration

Meet at 154 Ogden (in the lobby) at 2pm. Match your unique skills and interests with others to make a difference!


Jersey City Proud,