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karmalize.meWelcome to wellness with Karmalize.Me, where fresh, organic kind-to-you food items are made to order and delivered to your doorstep.

Shubhra Bhatnagar worked at Goldman Sachs and was Vice President of Bank of America when she got involved with The Happiness Program. Because she was so dedicated to the meditative lifestyle, she decided to create healthy foods that complemented the program.


Karmalize.Me is, as the name suggests, a company that provides nourishment that breeds good karma. The products are mostly nuts and grains based. Everything is organic, good for you, and delivered to your doorstep. But best of all, 50% of the profit from your purchase is donated to the charity of your choice.

almond milk

A day after I placed my order for Sprouted Almond Milk, Shubhra personally delivered it to my doorstep. It is made from Karmalize.Me‘s organic raw almonds that have been soaked for 16 hours, causing them to begin to germinate. Because the soaking process releases the almonds’ enzyme inhibitors, your body has to do much less work to absorb the nutrients. The milk, having no preservatives, is creamier and easier to digest than regular nut milk.

It is freshly made upon order, so anticipate a day or two for your high-quality products to arrive. 


The mason jar of almond milk had the best-by date, which was less than the grocery-store shelf date, but all the better. Without all of the processing and preservatives, the milk is so delicious, you’ll drink it all at once. Think fresh, clean, creamy, pure.

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Be kind to yourself and others,