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Skinner’s Loft


Skinner’s Loft (146 Newark Ave.) is one of my favorite spots. Choose your floor depending on your fancy.

The copper-ceilinged bar scene on the first floor is always bubbling and best suited for drinks and small bites with friends.

The second floor, which I most frequent, offers more intimate dining with its candlelit atmosphere, ever-present gorgeous fresh flowers, a fireplace, well thought-out antique decor and different place settings on each table (totes my style).


Skinner’s has a warm, welcoming feel on cold winter nights. While the ambiance is beautiful, you don’t feel the need to dress up or be well-versed in wine (or Italian beer that comes in a corked bottle, for that matter). It is an elegant scene, but while the restaurant’s servers are super professional, they also make you feel relaxed—nothing’s uptight.

I’ve been here many times since I discovered it and will continue to go. Now, on to the menu:

Skinner’s Loft changes its menu seasonally, but here are some of the things I’ve tried:

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