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Farm Stands: The Best of Central Avenue


Many of the farmer’s markets in Jersey City are not yet open, but that shouldn’t keep you from getting fresh fruits and vegetables every day of the week. Get your fresh, local vegetables year-round. Central Avenue has six farm stands; I frequent four.


Sweet Pineapple has the (overall) best selection of fruit on the block, hands down.


Young’s Farm has the best basil ever and an overall great selection of greenery. They win in best quality, quantity, and variety of vegetables, usually at lower prices than the competitors.


Singh Farm has a more limited selection of produce. Their strength is their fabulous hard-to-find of Indian food and condiments, the best tasting and least expensive avocados, and again, the best tasting and least expensive fresh bread.


Central Ave. Farm often has things you cannot find elsewhere, such as out-of-season vegetables. Key for when I needed to make my asparagus recipe last week.

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