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Book Release Party 10/11


Tour Sucks wide
Celebrate a new book with a release party and reading for “Tour Sucks,” a collection of hilarious (and terrifying) tour stories from Todd Congelliere, Ginger Alford, Chris Clavin, Ian Vanek, & more this Saturday October 11th, 3:30 at Iris Records (114 Brunswick Street).

Featuring readings by Joe Evans III (Razorcake magazine/Tour Sucks the book), Mike Faloon (from the Tour Sucks book, as well as Go Metric/Zisk zines), Larry Livermore (promoting his first book Spy Rock Memories and his upcoming book about his experiences running Lookout Records), and Michael Fournier (from the 33 1/3 on The Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime, also supporting “Swing State,” a novel due 10/20 on Three Rooms Press).

Zach Rapport (Now People) will be playing some songs.

More info about the book here.


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