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Hudson Farmers Market


Hudson Farmers Market, located at 3437 John F. Kennedy Blvd. is open daily year-round, unlike the once-a-week markets we have during this season in different pockets of Jersey City.

Hudson has a decent variety of ripe in-season fruits and vegetables for purchase. However, I was here because I wanted to grow my own. I picked up a basil plant, a roma plum tomato plant, and a banana pepper plant. That was pretty much all I could carry traveling home by foot.

There’s an extensive array of plants to choose from, so it was hard choosing just three, but I’ll be back there soon to get some of the exotic flowers I spotted for my garden!

The people are helpful if you ask for help (and leave you to wander if you don’t), the prices are inexpensive, and the choices are endless.

Here I am attempting to plant. Let’s hope these babies grow!