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New Dollar $tore Finds




I’m loving my new jewelry bought yesterday on the block. $6.00 total for these starfish with rhinestone earrings, Tinkerbell necklace, and the ring below. The pictures do not do these pieces justice (dumbphone camera) and yes, my finger looks weird but the ring is amaze…! Trust.

Connect to my antique jewelry collection here.

 Read more about 99 ¢ent-ral here.



Dollar Stores: Central Avenue

No matter where you are in Jersey City, there is rarely a lack of a dollar store nearby. I’ll start with my three favorite in my neighborhood of the heights. All are on Central Avenue. (There are more on Central, but I frequent these the most.)


99¢ Gallery is awesome for makeup, arts & crafts supplies (they really have everything), party favors, gag gifts, gift wrap, shampoo, cow’s silk lotion, and Dove soap (the big bars are only $1 each; less than half the price at drugstores). I go here on a bi-weekly basis to stock up on toiletrees, cleaning supplies and makeup. The owners and people that work there probably think I am a party planner with all of the festive things I buy (gift bags, tissue paper, party poppers, glitter letters, glow bracelets, candles, temporary tattoos, bubbles) or that I have issues. I can’t tell. But they are super friendly and have the best selection, so I always stop there first.


This is going to sound crazy, but for all of my antique jewelry hunting and all of the inexpensive modern jewelry available on the cheap at national chains, this place kills it when it comes to conversation pieces that are inexpensive. As one might guess, not everything is a dollar in the dollar store, but 99 ¢ent-RAL’s  jewelry still only ranges from $2-8 a piece. I love their headbands and hats, too. It’s a great accesories place in general. There also happened to be some really cute bathing suits there last week, so I bought one—a $12 jewel-encrusted bikini—and it looks great!

99¢ Vision has $1 brand-name dishsoap, hand soap, quality baking tins (3 for $1) and the widest selection of posterboard and craft supplies. Basically, Vision is your go-to spot for kitchen and office needs. They also tend to have the best decorations and wrapping options when it comes to holidays. Just look at these Easter baskets I created below:

Easter Baskets