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Newport Beach Food Festival 7/23/14




Celebrate on the Hudson River next Wednesday at Newport Green’s Beach Party (700 Washington Blvd.) with the annual summer food festival.

Signature dishes and cocktails will be available from 14 of Newport’s gourmet restaurants.

To summer fun,

Superbowl XLVIII 2014 Jersey City!!!


Superbowl XLVIII is happening here, Jersey City!

No, seriously, both teams are staying in our great city, and as part of the Volunteer Host Committee, I will be in one of those hotels on gameday…as well as participating in other activities during this week before the event.

The Media will start arriving on Sunday, January 26th. Fellow followers, grip yourselves: The area’s already overcrowded population will increase MUCH. Our small businesses are going to thrive and our citizens are going to enjoy all of the excitement (or be bothered by the influx of hyped outsiders) in the cold. 

I decided, rather than do  my usual personal research and write-up of everything, to make a montage of info already out there and put it here in one place. I’ll continue to update my site as I get more tips from all of you! Send to:

Here are some things going on in Jersey City:

Welcome Event: Jersey City’s Mayor Fulop Greets Superbowl Teams

Superbowl Fashion Week Already in full swing!

Macy’s Fireworks

Restaurant Superweek Jersey City restaurants are hosting a special restaurant week for the big game from Jan. 27-Feb 2nd

Concert! at Liberty State Park’s Fan Guide of Things to Do Check it out.

Jersey City Independent I write for this site. They’ve got the inside scoop.

NYTimes Coverage

Other Political Info So Happy the Mayor finally followed me on twitter. Took him months after the Senator.

Have Your Party Catered by Jersey City Restaurants:

City Diner

Me Casa Catering and Restaurant

Rustique Pizza

Mozz Boss


Andrea Salumeria

Pizza Masters



Park & Sixth

Goehrig’s Bakery

Trolley Car Bar

Or, conversely, make your own menu with my Game-Day Recipes

I can definitely improve your stay in this area. I might have inside info.  Just ask! Need a place to crash? Just ask! Reasonable price for people I trust. Email for details.

What else are you going to do? Shop!

Vivi Girl Shop (where I was recently blogger of the month)

Tia’s Place

Very Second-Hand Clothing and Goods

Another Man’s Treasure

E. Tittlemouse & Co.

Kannibal Home


Opera at the Barrow Mansion 1/19/14

Red Giant

Rhymes With Opera presents “Red Giant” to Jersey City this Sunday, January 19th at 2pm in the Barrow Mansion (83 Wayne St.). “Red Giant” is a one-act opera and a surreal story set in the future, taking place inside a spaceship on a journey to an unknown destination. As the sun slowly explodes and engulfs their former planet, the three humans onboard reflect on both the futility of their search for a new home and their need for a sense of hope.

Rhymes With Opera (RWO) is an ensemble dedicated to commissioning and producing new operas, and this fully staged performance of New Haven composer Adam Matlock and librettist Brian Slattery’s work will be presented in a brand-new orchestration, written especially for RWO’s house band, Rhymes With Orchestra.

The production also includes a special world premiere: a concert presentation of Baltimore composer Erik Spangler’s “Damascus Mix”, developed through a long-distance collaboration between the composer and RWO ensemble member Bonnie Lander. The live vocal part emerges from a cut-up of international news reports; the music stretches beyond our idea of “language,” while defining a unified field between the human voice and electronically generated sound.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Purchase tickets here.

Sponsored by Con Vivo Music and the Barrow Mansion Development Corp.

Enjoy the show,



New Year, New You


A new year for most people means a fresh start with a clean slate. Whatever your resolutions, here are some local places that will help you put your self-improvement plans into action.

Take up Zumba, Yoga or Martial Arts
Workout for free in JC

Ice Skate here or here

Learn Spanish or English (ESL):
Toni Ferrer

Learn to paint or sculpt:
Jersey City Arts School

Read something that expands your mind:
Tachair Bookshoppe
Jersey City Free Books
Jersey City Bookmobile & Library

Brush up your resume/ write a personal statement/ edit your book:
Gia Portfolio

Get more work done:

Learn to dance:
Kennedy Dancers
Salsa Fever

Beautify the DIY way:
My trix here

Treat yourself to a statement piece:
Vivi Girl Shop (where I was recently blogger of the month)
Tia’s Place
Very Second-Hand Clothing and Goods
Another Man’s Treasure
E. Tittlemouse & Co.

Brightside Tavern Monthly Comedy Night
Boca Grande Thursdays

Game to Meet JC Peeps:
Geeks Who Drink

Jersey City Cares
Liberty Humane Society

What are your resolutions? Subscribe to my newsletter and post in the comments section (via the link up top) for a chance to win a month of free advertising on my site.

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2014 in Jersey City!